“Romeo Must Die” quotes

Movie Romeo Must Die
Title Romeo Must Die
Year 2000
Director Andrzej Bartkowiak
Genre Crime, Thriller, Action
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Plot – Oakland dock's traffics are controlled by two families in perpetual conflict, the Asian one and the African-American one. Their balance is very precarious and competition is always lurking. When the Asian leader's son is killed, a war starts out and Han, his elder brother, starts to investigate. He's threatened by the African-American gang and by the real killers. He meets Trish, the African-Americans leader's daughter. Han plans with her to trace the real culprits, then he has a tough confrontation with his father. Finally the police arrives and everything is restored. Trish and Han go away together.
All actors – Jet Li, Aaliyah, Isaiah Washington, Russell Wong, Delroy Lindo, D.B. Woodside, Henry O, Jon Kit Lee, Edoardo Ballerini, Anthony Anderson, DMX, Matthew Harrison
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