“Gone in 60 Seconds” quotes

Movie Gone in 60 Seconds
Title Gone in 60 Seconds
Original title Gone in Sixty Seconds
Year 2000
Director Dominic Sena
Genre Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Driven by an uncontrollable passion for cars, Randall "Memphis" Raines has become an extremely meticulous car thief. No alarm system stops him and each car is gone within 60 seconds. When the situation around him starts to be too dangerous, Randall thinks to quit and start a new life. One day in a mechanic's workshop, an old friend of his tells him that the holiday is over: Kip, his younger brother, got involved in a serious blow. Randall is the only one who can save him, getting back on track for one last shot: he has to steal fifty cars in one night. Randall has no choice but to accept and he tries to form a team of collaborators. So a few old friends are contacted and 'hired', including Atley, Donny, Toby and others. The anchor and guarantee of the operation is Otto, the oldest person, who will act as coordinator remaining in the base with the list of the cars to steal. Before starting the operations, Randall goes to see Sara, the great love of his life, who however doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Only later, the girl joins the group and her presence is very useful. Among shattered windows and chases in impossible places at Formula 1's speed, Randall is successful. In this way, he shows up triumphant to the mean Calitri and he obtains the release of his brother. Randall and Kip hug each other.
All actors – Nicolas Cage, Giovanni Ribisi, Angelina Jolie, T.J. Cross, William Lee Scott, Scott Caan, James Duval, Will Patton, Delroy Lindo, Timothy Olyphant, Chi McBride, Robert Duvall, Christopher Eccleston, Vinnie Jones, Grace Zabriskie, Michael Owen, Jaime Bergman, Holiday Hadley, Harry Van Gorkum, Frances Fisher, Grace Una, Jesse Corti, Stephen Shellen, Alexandra Balahoutis, Rainbow Borden, Vic Manni, Sanjay, Doria Anselmo, Lois Hall, Dean Rader-Duval, C.J. Picerni, Kevin Weisman, Anthony Boswell, Billy Devlin, Bodhi Elfman, Arye Gross, Greg Collins, Cosimo Fusco, Eddie Mui, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Scott Burkholder, Margaret Kontra Palmer, Charlene Bloom, Kevin West, Billy 'Sly' Williams, Alex Walters, Lombardo Boyar, Angela Tassoni, Scott Rosenberg, Steve Danton, Tyler Patton, Carmen Argenziano, Dan Hildebrand, King Alexander, Nick Meaney, Michael Peña, Juan Pina, Tim DeZarn, John Carroll Lynch, Douglas Bennett, Bob Sattler, , Dan Andreiu, Greg Bronson, David 'Shark' Fralick, Cecily Gambrell, Michael Gerald, Trevor Goddard, Brad William Henke, Ken Jenkins, Master P, Brian McNamara, George Meyers, Bob Pepper, Drew Renkewitz, Vincent Terzian
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  • “- Donny Astricky: Don't look at me, look at the people next to you! Nex... Look at the... well, turn the wheel! Pull over, pull her the hell over!
    - Driver 1: Asshole!
    - Driver 2: Learn how to drive!
    - Donny Astricky: [shuts the car off] Don't touch nothing! You can't negotiate turns. You can't signal properly. You can't maintain speed. You...” (continue)
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    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    [Tag:driving, teaching]
  • - Memphis Raines: I've been in L.A. for three months now. I have money, I have taste. But I'm not on anybody's "A" list, and Saturday night is the loneliest night for the week for me.
    - Exotic Car Salesman: Well, a Ferrari would certainly change that.
    - Memphis Raines: Perhaps, Mmmm. But, you know, this is the one. Yes, yes yes... I saw three of... (continue)
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    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Raines
    Stephen Shellen - Exotic Car Salesman
  • “- Police chopper pilot: Air One. We're over the pursuit.
    [Memphis Raines hits the nitrous button]
    - Police chopper pilot: Suspect has increased speed to 120.
    - Detective Drycoff: Maintain visual, Air One.
    - Police chopper pilot: 140 miles an hour.
    - Detective Drycoff: Do not lose him.
    - Police chopper pilot: This is an A-Star, sir, not an Apache.”

    Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
    [Tag:cars, chase, speed]
  • “- Punk: Get outta the car, bitch, or I'm gonna blow your brains out!
    - Donny Astricky: You gotta be shittin' me...
    - Punk: Do I have shoot you, dammn it?
    [Donny takes his gun and knocks him out]
    - Freb: Damn!
    - Donny Astricky: You lazy, half-ass bully! Any asshole can pull a gun on somebody! You don't know the first thing about stealing a car!...” (continue)
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    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    James Duval - Freb
    [Tag:cars, thieves, weapons]
  • “- Det. Roland Castlebeck: Here I am smack dab in the middle of a moral dilemma, Randall. You've ripped this city to shreds with that little escapade of yours, you and your Eleanor. But I understand what brought you back here. A brother's love is... a brother's love.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: You just saved my life, didn't you? So what...” (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Reines
  • “See ya tomorrow night, Eleanor, with your fine ass.”

    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    [Tag:beauty, cars]
  • “- Sara 'Sway' Wayland: What do you think is more exciting... having sex or stealing cars?
    - Memphis: Having sex or boosting cars... Um, oo! Well, uh... How about having sex while boosting cars?
    - Sara 'Sway' Wayland: Oh, that's a good line. Doesn't work on a lot of girls, though.”

    Angelina Jolie - Sara 'Sway' Wayland
    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Raines
    [Tag:sex, theft]
  • “- Detective Drycoff: Are you alright?
    - Bashed Cop: I think so...
    - Detective Drycoff: Are you sure? 'Cause, you just went through a wall.”

    Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
  • “- Freb: You ever feel bad about any of this?
    - Donny Astricky: Hell, no. I'm Robin Hood, man. I rob from the rich and give to the needy.
    - Freb: You mean the poor.
    - Donny Astricky: No, like I said, the needy. 'Cause brother, we need this car.”

    James Duval - Freb
    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    [Tag:cars, need, thieves]
  • “- Mirror Man: That ain't donut jelly, so don't eat it.
    [he applies the false fingerprint]
    - Mirror Man: Your new fingerprints. Elvis is back.
    - Donny Astricky: Damn...
    - Mirror Man: Boy got skills, right?
    - Donny Astricky: Yeah, you do. You're like a little ghetto Smurf.”

    T.J. Cross - Mirror Man
    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    [Tag:ability, fraud]
  • “I've got two jobs. I've discovered that you have to work twice as hard when it's honest.”
    Angelina Jolie - Sara 'Sway' Wayland
    [Tag:honesty, job, working]
  • “- Raymond Calitri: [aiming a gun] Who are you?
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: I'm a police officer. You don't want to do that now.
    - Raymond Calitri: Yeah, I do.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: Listen to me. You walk out of here with me, you've got some options. You kill me now you think about this, I'm a police officer your life will be over.
    - Raymond...” (continue)
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    Christopher Eccleston - Raymond Calitri
    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
  • - Tumbler: Yo, so check out my new move. I call it "the Stranger". What I do is, I sit on my hand for, like, 15, 20 minutes, until it goes numb. No feeling at all. And then I rub one out.
    - Toby: "The Stranger", huh?
    - Atley Jackson: It's like a little boy's nursery school I've come upon here.

    Scott Caan - Tumbler
    William Lee Scott - Toby
    Will Patton - Atley Jackson
  • “One: You kill me, they kill you, your brother dies anyway. Two: You lie, you accept the job, you take your brother, you run. I hunt you down, I kill you, I kill your brother and I kill your mother for the aggravation you cause me. Three: You accept the job, you steal some cars, you make some money, and you be a big brother.”

    Christopher Eccleston - Raymond Calitri
    [Tag:blackmail, choice]
  • “Control, vision, determination. These are the three fundamental components of the new generation race car driver. Speed is a byproduct. Going fast. But remember: The car is you, you are the car. Okay? Let's ride!”
    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Raines
    [Tag:cars, rules]
  • Hello, ladies. I always was a sucker for a redhead.”

    Angelina Jolie - Sara 'Sway' Wayland
  • “- Police chopper pilot: He's gone.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: God!
    - Detective Drycoff: Man this guy can drive!
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: What? What?
    - Detective Drycoff: It's probably mostly the car...”

    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
    Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
    [Tag:cars, driving, speed]
  • “Damn it's cold up here, they keep these Ferrari's refrigerated? And you know black people don't like cold weather, we're tropical people. Man, when this is over I'm gonna smoke a joint, watch two hours of Roots and I'm gonna kick your ass!”

    T.J. Cross - Mirror Man
    [Tag:cars, cold, stereotype]
  • “- Donny Astricky: Eleanor is Memphis’ unicorn.
    - Freb: What’s a unicorn?
    - Donny Astricky: A fabled creature? You know, the horse with the horn? Impossible to capture?”

    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    James Duval - Freb
    [Tag:cars, fable]
  • “- Freb: The corner of Wiltern and Wetherley... Tumbler messed up, he said the Porsche should be at the corner of Wiltern and Wetherly.
    - Kip Raines: There it is.
    - Mirror Man: You're bullshitting me, right? 9024 Wiltern?
    - Kip Raines: I gotta get my tool.
    - Mirror Man: Kip! He ain't bullshitting, man!
    [Kip opens the boot, retrieves half a...” (continue)
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    James Duval - Freb
    Giovanni Ribisi - Kip Raines
    T.J. Cross - Mirror Man
    [Tag:cars, theft, tools]
  • “- Donny Astricky: How did you get this car?
    - Freb: Actually, the keys were in it.”

    Chi McBride - Donny Astricky
    James Duval - Freb
    [Tag:cars, theft]
  • - Freb: What's on Magnum P.I.'s license plate?
    - Tumbler: "ROBIN-1".
    - Kip Raines: Wait, wasn't Robin that faggoty guy that always hung with him?
    - Memphis Raines: Naw, that was Higgins. That was Higgins.

    James Duval - Freb
    Scott Caan - Tumbler
    Giovanni Ribisi - Kip Raines
    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Raines