“The Edge of Seventeen” quotes

Movie The Edge of Seventeen
Title The Edge of Seventeen
Year 2016
Director Kelly Fremon Craig
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – "The Edge of Seventeen" tells the story of two teenage friends, Nadine and Krista, who try to survive high school, their first love experiences and even betrayal. As a matter of fact, Nadine and Krista are best friends until Darian, Nadine's older brother, starts dating Krista. Nadine's perception of reality changes suddenly and she realises that people and life itself is not as simple as they appear to be.
All actors – Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick, Woody Harrelson, Hayden Szeto, Alexander Calvert, Eric Keenleyside, Nesta Cooper, Daniel Bacon, Lina Renna, Ava Grace Cooper, Christian Michael Cooper, Jena Skodje, Josh Simpson, Kavandeep Hayre, Meredith Monroe, Katie Stuart, Lyle Reginald, Chris Shields, Christian Lagasse, Kirsten Robek, Paul Herbert, Laine MacNeil, Peter Brown, David Hardware, Raylene Harewood, Kelsey Marsland-Anderson, Brayden Snow, Kayzhia Snow, Laura Ward
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  • “You know, ever since we were little, I would get this feeling like... Like I'm floating outside of my body, looking down at myself... And I hate what I see... How I'm acting, the way I sound. And I don't know how to change it. And I'm so scared... That the feeling is never gonna go away.”
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
  • - Mr. Bruner: "You're complicated, and simple, and I feel this connection between us. I feel like I already know you". This is kinda sweet, I think you're overreacting. "I just want to be with you. I want to give you... head. I want you to put your mouth on my tits. I want to feel you inside me. We can do it in the Petland stockroom."
    - Nadine:... (continue)
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    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
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  • “I had the worst thought: I've got to spend the rest of my life with myself.”
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
  • “Wow. I actually was writing my own suicide note just now. I have 32 fleeting minutes of happiness during lunch, which has been eaten up again and again by the same especially badly dressed student, and I finally thought I would rather have the dark nothingness.”
    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
  • “Life's about taking risks. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.”
    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
    [Tag:life, risk]
  • “- Nadine: Look I don't wanna take up a ton of your time, but I'm gonna kill myself. I just thought someone should know. I don't really know how this works. I'm probably gonna jump off an overpass in front of a semi, so... Or U-Haul, maybe, just not a bus. I'm not gonna be a dick and make people watch, but it has to be big; it's gotta be so big...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
    [Tag:strategy, suicide]
  • “Once, my grandpa's pajama flap accidentally came open, and I saw his wiener and got real sad.”
    Ava Grace Cooper - Young Krista
  • “- Nadine: Hey.
    - Mr. Bruner: Busy.
    - Nadine: I don't wanna take up a ton of your time, but I'm gonna kill myself. I just thought an adult should know.”

    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
    [Tag:suicide, youth]
  • “- Mr. Bruner: Are you having a problem today, Nadine?
    - Nadine: Several. I don't really have any friends at the moment.”

    Woody Harrelson - Mr. Bruner
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
    [Tag:solitude, trouble]
  • “There are two types of people in the world: The people who naturally excel at life. And the people who hope all those people die in a big explosion.”
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
    [Tag:envy, people, success]
  • Here's what I do when I'm feeling down. I get very quiet and very still. And I say to myself, "Everyone in the world is as miserable and empty as I am. They're just better at pretending". Try it sometime. It might bring you some peace.
    Kyra Sedgwick - Mona
    [Tag:comfort, sadness]
  • “My mom has to take medicine, or she'll get upset and buy too much at the mall.”
    Lina Renna - Young Nadine
  • “Don't be awkward. Socialize.”
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
  • “You know what? I'm gonna go ahead, and I'm gonna tell you the real reason I'm having my lunch with you today. You see, I don't really have any friends, at the moment, and, to be completely honest with you, I'm not interested. At all. My entire generation is a bunch of mouth breathers. They literally have a seizure if you take their phone away...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
  • “- Mona: I wanna go home, fix my hair, put on a beautiful face of makeup, the best dress I own, then take it all off and go to sleep.
    - Nadine: Fun!”

    Kyra Sedgwick - Mona
    Hailee Steinfeld - Nadine
  • “Life isn't fair sometimes, Nadine, okay? You gotta get over it!”
    Blake Jenner - Darian