“The Last Starfighter” quotes

Movie The Last Starfighter
Title The Last Starfighter
Year 1984
Director Nick Castle
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action
Plot – Alex is really good on videogames. For this reason the extraterrestrial Centauri takes him to his planet and proposes him to fight against Xur on the Star League ships. Alex refuses the proposal to stay next to his terrestrial loved ones, but Xur hunts him. Alex then accepts Centauri's proposal and vanquishes the rebels.
All actors – Kay E. Kuter, Dan Mason, Lance Guest, Dan O'Herlihy, Catherine Mary Stewart, Barbara Bosson, Norman Snow, Robert Preston, Chris Hebert, John O'Leary, George McDaniel, Charlene Nelson
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  • “I'm sorry, it was an accident. I didn't mean to step on your, uh, whatever that is.”

    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    [Tag:alien, apologies]
  • “- Alex Rogan: That was just a game, Centauri!
    - Centauri: A game! Well, you may thought it was a game, but it was also a test. Aha, a test. Sent out across the universe to find those with the gift to be Starfighters. And here you are, my boy! Here you are!”

    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    Robert Preston - Centauri
    [Tag:game, test]
  • “- Alex Rogan: Is this my Gunstar?
    - Grig: This is a prototype, different from the other ships. She has greater range, more power, and a slight weapons modification. Of course, she features deflective plating, so she can withstand several direct hits.”

    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    Dan O'Herlihy - Grig
  • “- Rylan Bursar: Return the money, Centauri.
    - Centauri: Return the money? Are you delirious? Do you know how long it took to invent the games? To merchandise them? To get them in the stores by Christmas?”

    John O'Leary - Rylan Bursar
    Robert Preston - Centauri
    [Tag:game, money]
  • “- Louis Rogan: Alex... what the hell are you doing?
    - Beta Alex: Louis, you're having a terrible nightmare. Go back to sleep.”

    Chris Hebert - Louis Rogan
    Lance Guest - Beta Alex
  • “Alex! You're walking away from history! History! Did Chris Columbus say he wanted to stay home? No.”
    Robert Preston - Centauri
  • That particular Starfighter game was supposed to be delivered to Vegas, not some flea-speck trailer park in the middle of tumbleweeds and tarantulas. So it must be fate, destiny, blind chance, luck even, that brings us together. And as the poet said, "the rest is history".
    Robert Preston - Centauri
    [Tag:fate, history, luck]
  • “- Grig: Good luck, Starfighter.
    - Alex Rogan: Thanks, Grig. For everything.”

    Dan O'Herlihy - Grig
    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    [Tag:gratitude, luck]
  • “- Alex Rogan: Hey, you look like me!
    - Beta Alex: Of course I do. I'm a beta unit.
    - Alex Rogan: What the hell is a beta unit?
    - Beta Alex: A beta unit is a simuloid. An exact duplicate, only not as loud!”

    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    Lance Guest - Beta Alex
  • “Aeons ago, our ancestors created our great Frontier, a barrier of energy encircling the peaceful systems of the Universe and forever shutting out the scourge that plagues beyond.”
    Kay E. Kuter - Enduran
  • “Alex, I want you to know that it was for the greatest good that I brought you back.”
    Robert Preston - Centauri
  • “Stop thinking human, that's lesson number one. Lesson number two... you've got a good thing going here. Keep smiling, don't blow it. Lesson number three: Always trust Centauri...”

    Robert Preston - Centauri
    [Tag:behavior, smile, trust]
  • “I must congratulate you on your virtuoso performance, my boy. Centauri is impressed. I've seen them come, and I've seen them go, but you're the best, my boy. Dazzling! Light years ahead of the competition! Centauri's got a little proposition for you. Are ya interested?”

    Robert Preston - Centauri
  • “I love you, Alex Rogan.”
    Catherine Mary Stewart - Maggie Gordon
  • Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.”
    Robert Preston - Centauri
    [Tag:defense, job]
  • “- Grig: The Armada will break through the Frontier here, and reach Rylos in about 20 clicks. Squadrons of deck fighters will precede the mothership.
    - Alex Rogan: Squadrons? How many squadrons?
    - Grig: It isn't the number of squadrons that concerns me, it's this communication turret that sends out the commands to the deck fighters, which enables...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Dan O'Herlihy - Grig
    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    [Tag:planning, war]
  • “Steady. Don't fight the chair. Take your time. Watch your gun sight. Lead your targets. And above all, relax!”

    Dan O'Herlihy - Grig
  • “Things change. Always do. You'll get your chance! Important thing is, when it comes, you've got to grab with both hands, and hold on tight!”

    Vernon Washington - Otis
    [Tag:chance, changing]
  • “- Beta Alex: Wait a minute, what are you doing back?
    - Alex Rogan: Are you kidding? It's war up there!
    - Beta Alex: Oh, save the whales, but not the universe, huh?”

    Lance Guest - Beta Alex
    Lance Guest - Alex Rogan
    [Tag:universe, war]