• “- Katherine Newbury: I can’t give you a raise, Gabe. It’s like giving a raise to a drug addict.
    - Gabe Eichler: What?
    - Katherine Newbury: Well, your situations are virtually identical. A drug addict makes certain decisions outside of work for their sense of self and comfort, and then the addiction demands more time, more energy, more money, just like a child.
    - Gabe Eichler: My child’s like a drug problem?
    - Katherine Newbury: Exactly. You want special treatment. I’m sure you can see how unfair that would be to a single man or woman.”

    Gabe asked for a raise after of his second son's birth

    Emma Thompson - Katherine Newbury
    Lucas Caleb Rooney - Gabe Eichler
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10/7/19 at 12:01 AM
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