• “- Stoney: Link your probably used to eatin twigs,but here in the USA we have what you call the 4 basic food groups [Link picks up a banana]... And Link, this is not one of them. Fist group: the dairie group, milk duds, you hide these under your pillow so your mom doesnt find them. If she does you're tweaked bro. Second group, fruit gruop, sweet tarts: these are outratisally citrusy. Keep rollin. Third group, vegatible group: corn nuts. Man you buy these by the pound. [the microwave dings] Meat group! These are my favorite [Link bites into the warmed up burrito]. Hey! Equality, equality: 50 50, ok? Now for drinks: slurpees. This is what put this place on the map bro [chugging slurpee from machine].
    - Raji: Mr. Stoney! Don't do that here!
    - Stoney: Kashmer, Rasmere, why don't you just chill ok? Cause we're going to the mountain and we decided before we go we'd wheez the juice.
    - Kashmir: No butts chill! Get out of my store!
    - Link: [Stoney and Link leave, but Link goes back in store with sunglasses on] I'll be back.
    - Kashmir: No butts chill!”

    Pauly Shore - Stoney Brown
    Erick Avari - Raji
    Gerry Bednob - Kashmir
    Brendan Fraser - Link
Quote details Movie (Encino Man)

6/22/15 at 9:58 PM
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