“Capricorn One” quotes

Movie Capricorn One
Peter Hyams directed this movie in 1977
Title Capricorn One
Year 1977
Director Peter Hyams
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – The NASA is about to launch a spacecraft to Mars and the mission is commanded by Charles Brubaker. Astronauts Peter Willis and John Walker participate and their superiors are aware the spaceship might suffer a malfunction but they blackmail the astronauts to leave. In fact, the spaceship explodes and the astronauts die. The government and the NASA prepare the funerals of the men, but Brubaker is still alive. The commander shows himself in front of his superiors on the day of his funeral.
All actors – Elliott Gould, James Brolin, Brenda Vaccaro, Sam Waterston, O.J. Simpson, Hal Holbrook, Karen Black, Telly Savalas, David Huddleston, David Doyle, Lee Bryant, Denise Nicholas
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  • “- Kay Brubaker: You haven't found what you're looking for. You're embarrassed about bothering me again. However, there are one or two questions more you'd like to ask me. It's something personal and you won't bother me any more.
    - Robert Caulfield: I haven't found what I'm looking for. I feel embarrassed about bothering you again. However, there...” (continue)
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    Brenda Vaccaro - Kay Brubaker
    Elliott Gould - Robert Caulfield
  • “This is really wonderful. If we go along with you and lie our asses off, the world of truth and ideals is protected. But if we don't want to take part in some giant rip-off of yours then somehow or other we're managing to ruin the country. You're pretty good, Jim. I'll give you that.”
    Josh Brolin - Charles Brubaker
    [Tag:ideals, lying]
  • “- Robert Caulfield: Mr Albaine, how much do you charge to dust a field?
    - Albain: Twenty five dollars.
    - Robert Caulfield: I'd like to hire your plane.
    - Albain: That'll be a hundred dollars.
    - Robert Caulfield: You said you charged twenty five?
    - Albain: Twenty five dollars to dust a field, but you ain't got no field because you ain't no farmer...” (continue)
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    Elliott Gould - Robert Caulfield
    Telly Savalas - Albain
  • “- Robert Caulfield: You wouldn't know sincerity if it ran over you.
    - Judy Drinkwater: Not if you were driving it.”

    Elliott Gould - Robert Caulfield
    Karen Black - Judy Drinkwater
  • When a reporter tells his assignment editor that he thinks he may be on to something that could be really big, the assignment editor is supposed to say: "You've got forty eight hours, kids, and you better come up with something good or it's going to be your neck!" That's what he's supposed to say, I saw it in a movie.
    Elliott Gould - Robert Caulfield
    [Tag:journalism, movie]
  • “Anybody hungry? Oh, the marvels of American science. Here we are millions of miles from earth, and we can still send out for pizza.”
    Sam Waterston - Peter Willis
    [Tag:food, science, space]
  • “- Charles Brubaker, Jr.: Hey, uncle Jim?
    - Dr. James Kelloway: Yeah?
    - Charles Brubaker, Jr.: My dad went to Mars.
    - Dr. James Kelloway: Yes. Yes, he did.”

    Chris Hyams - Charles Brubaker, Jr.
    Hal Holbrook - Dr. James Kelloway
  • “- Charles Brubaker: We... are dead. We are dead.
    - Peter Willis: Shit. I was such a terrific guy.”

    Josh Brolin - Charles Brubaker
    Sam Waterston - Peter Willis
  • “- Robert Caulfield: A&A Crop Dusting Service.
    - Albain: You wanna know who I am?
    - Robert Caulfield: I bet you're one of the A's.
    - Albain: But which one? I bet you can't answer that question, smartass.
    - Robert Caulfield: The first one.
    - Albain: Wrong.”

    Elliott Gould - Robert Caulfield
    Telly Savalas - Albain
  • “- Vice President Price: Hollis, there are a number of people who feel that we have problems right here on Earth that merit our attention before we spend billions on outer space.
    - Hollis Peaker: There are a number of people who feel that there are no more pressing problems than our declining position in world leadership.”

    James Karen - Vice President Price
    David Huddleston - Hollis Peaker
  • “There are people out there, forces out there, who have a lot to lose.”
    Hal Holbrook - Dr. James Kelloway