“Class Reunion” quotes

Movie Class Reunion
Title Class Reunion
Year 1982
Director Michael Miller
Genre Comedy, Horror
Plot – Lizzie Borden is now at the high school and she remembers a past class reunion with her strange classmates.
All actors – Gerrit Graham, Michael Lerner, Fred McCarren, Miriam Flynn, Stephen Furst, Mews Small, Shelley Smith, Zane Buzby, Jacklyn Zeman, Blackie Dammett, Barry Diamond, Art Evans
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  • “- Hubert Downs: Iris? Howdya like to marry me, huh?
    - Iris Augen: Hubert! You mean it?
    - Hubert Downs: Sure. We'll settle down, have a couple of kids.
    - Iris Augen: Yeah, one like you and one like me!
    - Hubert Downs: Perfect!”

    Stephen Furst - Hubert Downs
    Mews Small - Iris Augen
  • “One more move and she gets a hole where she doesn't need one.”

    Blackie Dammett - Walter Baylor
    [Tag:threat, weapons]
  • “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been one year since my last confession. Father, I have on occasion used foul language. I have lied, not just little white lies, but great, big, sinful ones. I shoplift all the time, Father.”

    Marla Pennington - Mary Beth McFadden
    [Tag:curse, lies, sin]
  • “- Carl Clapton: You mean, when I fuck up as a man, the woman inside comes out?
    - Chip Hendrix: Well look, now do you understand what l'm talking about?
    - Carl Clapton: No. Man, have you ever thought of me as a woman?
    - Chip Hendrix: No, but I have thought of you as a farm animal.”

    Art Evans - Carl Clapton
    Barry Diamond - Chip Hendrix
    [Tag:animals, judgment, men]
  • “Let me handle this. Walter, listen, you're making a big deal out of nothing. You're not unique, you know. Everyone in class had sex with your sister.”
    Stephen Furst - Hubert Downs
  • “- Gary Nash: Meredith would you, I mean could you?
    - Meredith Modess: Gary, are you asking me to marry you?
    - Gary Nash: Yeah!
    - Meredith Modess: Oh, yes, I'd love to be Mrs Gary, erm...?
    - Gary Nash: Nash! Gary Nash!”

    Fred McCarren - Gary Nash
    Shelley Smith - Meredith Modess
  • “- Bunny Packard: Whoever has his hand where his hand shouldn't be please remove it... Hubert.
    - Hubert Downs: Hey, Bunny, it's not my hand!”

    Miriam Flynn - Bunny Packard
    Stephen Furst - Hubert Downs
    [Tag:flirting, hand]
  • “Walter, if you come on down I promise if we're ever in the shower together again I won't snap your nuts with my towel.”
    Stephen Furst - Hubert Downs
  • “My father didn't keep me out of Vietnam so that I could die in my own high school!”
    Gerrit Graham - Bob Spinnaker
    [Tag:death, school, war]
  • “- Chip Hendrix: What Carl Jung was trying to say is that trapped inside of each of us, there is a woman that comes out when we fuck up real bad.
    - Carl Clapton: You mean, there's a woman trapped inside of me?
    - Chip Hendrix: Yeah.
    - Carl Clapton: A black woman or a white woman?
    - Chip Hendrix: A Jewish woman.”

    Barry Diamond - Chip Hendrix
    Art Evans - Carl Clapton
    [Tag:jews, men, women]
  • “- Dr. Young: I know Walter Baylor intimately.
    - Meredith Modess: Really? Well, did you know he was going to kill Milt?
    - Dr. Young: Yes.
    - Meredith Modess: Then why didn't you try to stop him?
    - Dr. Young: I couldn't find a parking spot.”

    Michael Lerner - Dr. Young
    Shelley Smith - Meredith Modess
    [Tag:cars, killing]
  • “I have an enormous collection of vibrators, Father. I have them in all assorted sizes. I have one that's in the shape of a crucifix. My God it's gorgeous. Oh my God, I put it up and put pictures up on the wall of all kinds of things.”

    Marla Pennington - Mary Beth McFadden
  • “I'm an exhibitionist, Father. I like to expose myself to strangers, especially authority figures. I hold the neighborhood record for most repairmen satisfied in a single afternoon.”

    Marla Pennington - Mary Beth McFadden