“Crimes of Passion” quotes

Movie Crimes of Passion
Ken Russell directed this movie in 1984
Title Crimes of Passion
Year 1984
Director Ken Russell
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller
Plot – China Blue is the name of a woman with a double life that should somehow help her forget the abuse she suffered as a child. At night she walks the sidewalks of Los Angeles as China Blue; by day she is the established fashion designer Joanna. The other two main characters are Bobby the electrician and Reverend Shayne. The first to find out the double identity of the prostitute-designer, because he has been commissioned to do so, is Bobby. His marriage is falling apart, mainly because his wife has lost interest in sex; he quickly goes from a paid relationship with China Blue to an unexpected authentic love relationship with Joanna. The dual identity of the woman is also discovered by Reverend Shayne - the most inauthentic caricature ever of the sexually inhibited and frustrated religious man - who is mystically exalted in his mission as China Blue's "savior". The dagger vibrator that he always carries with him is the instrument with which he will dramatically end his obsession with China Blue.
All actors – Kathleen Turner, Bruce Davison, Gordon Hunt, Dan Gerrity, Anthony Perkins, Terri Hoyos, Annie Potts, Vince McKewin, Deanna Oliver, Patricia Stevens, John Laughlin, John G. Scanlon
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