“Death Proof” quotes

Movie Death Proof
Quentin Tarantino directed this movie in 2007
Title Death Proof
Year 2007
Director Quentin Tarantino
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – Stuntman Mike is a serial killer who chooses the victims carefully. He hits young and beautiful girls with his car, but the situation then reverses.
All actors – Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Tracie Thoms, Rose McGowan, Jordan Ladd, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Quentin Tarantino, Marcy Harriell, Eli Roth, Omar Doom, Michael Bacall, Monica Staggs, Jonathan Loughran, Marta Mendoza, Tim Murphy, Melissa Arcaro, Michael Parks, James Parks, Marley Shelton, Nicky Katt, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Helen Kim, Tina Rodriguez, Eurlyne Epper, Jamie L. Dunno, Kelley Robins, Manuel Cantu, Chris King, Darryl K. Phipps, Julitta Pourciau, Amanda Rivas, Violet Saenz-Arocha, Angela Ware, Steven A. Webb
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  • “I don't know what futuristic utopia you live in, but the world I live in, a bitch need a gun.”
    Tracie Thoms - Kim
    [Tag:weapons, women]
  • “Shots first, questions later!”
    Quentin Tarantino - Warren
  • “- Jasper: What's a cheerleader movie?
    - Abernathy: A movie about cheerleaders.
    - Jasper: Is it a pornomovie?
    - Abernathy: Yes, it is, but don't mention it.”

    Jonathan Loughran - Jasper
    Rosario Dawson - Abernathy
  • “Black men and a whole lota' mother fuckin' white men have had plenty fun adoring my ass. I don't wear their teeth marks on my butt for nothing.”
    Sydney Tamiia Poitier - Jungle Julia
    [Tag:body, seduction, women]
  • “- Pam: Is that cowboy wisdom?
    - Stuntman Mike: I'm not a cowboy, Pam... I'm a stuntman.”

    Rose McGowan - Pam
    Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
  • “Well damn if you ain't so sweet you make sugar taste just like salt.”
    Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
  • “- Stuntman Mike: You know, a bar offers all kind of things other than alcohol.
    - Pam: Hmm. Really? Like what?
    - Stuntman Mike: Women, nacho grande platters, the fellowships of fascinating individuals like Warren here. Alcohol is just a lubricant for all the individual encounters that a bar offers.”

    Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
    Rose McGowan - Pam
  • “- Shanna: You've been in the car all of two seconds and you're already cursin' at me.
    - Jungle Julia: I am not cursin' at you.
    - Shanna: You said: Jesus Christ, Shanna. And then before the sentence was over you threw a fuckin' in there to emphasize your irritatedness.”

    Jordan Ladd - Shanna
    Sydney Tamiia Poitier - Jungle Julia
  • “- Abernathy: You can't get around the fact that people who carry guns, tend to get shot more than people who don't.
    - Kim: And you can't get around the fact that if I go down to the laundry room in my building at midnight enough times, I might get my ass raped.”

    Rosario Dawson - Abernathy
    Tracie Thoms - Kim
    [Tag:danger, weapons, women]
  • “- Zoë Bell: I'll be your best friend!
    - Kim: I don't need me no best friend who lives on the other side of planet Earth.”

    Zoë Bell - Herself
    Tracie Thoms - Kim
  • “- Shanna: Do guys like the thing?
    - Arlene: They like it better than no thing.”

    Jordan Ladd - Shanna
    Vanessa Ferlito - Arlene
    [Tag:men, sex]
  • “It was a fifty fifty shot on wheter you'd be going left or right. You see we're both going left. You could have just as easily been going left, too. And if that was the case... It would have been a while before you started getting scared. But since you're going the other way, I'm afraid you're gonna have to start getting scared... immediately!”
    Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
    [Tag:choice, fear]
  • “- Stuntman Mike: I wanted it to be impressive and... scary tends to impress.
    - Pam: Is it safe?
    - Stuntman Mike: No, it's better than safe. It's death-proof.
    - Pam: How do you make a car death-proof?
    - Stuntman Mike: Well, that's what stuntmen do.”

    Kurt Russell - Stuntman Mike
    Rose McGowan - Pam
    [Tag:cars, safety]