“Dumb And Dumber To” quotes

Movie Dumb And Dumber To
Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly directed this movie in 2014
Title Dumb And Dumber To
Original title Dumb and Dumber To
Year 2014
Directors Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Genre Comedy
Plot – 20 years later, Lloyd and Harry face a new adventure to search Penny, the daughter Harry didn't know to have, to get a new kidney. Meanwhile Lloyd is in a state of total apathy due to Mary's abandon. The two then hit the road again to find the girl: from the clinic where they live, Lloyd and Harry cross the country onboard of absurd vehicles and take part to a summit attended by some of the smartest people in the world.
All actors – Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Rob Riggle, Laurie Holden, Rachel Melvin, Steve Tom, Don Lake, Patricia French, Kathleen Turner, Bill Murray, Tembi Locke, Paul Blackthorne, Brady Bluhm, Eddie Shin, Tommy Snider, Atkins Estimond, Lindsay Ayliffe, Matty Cardarople, Michael Yama, Nancy Yee, Jeff Sumner, Grant James, Taylor St. Clair, Erin Allin O'Reilly, Nancy Byers Farrelly, Derek Holland, Brendan Boyle, Swizz Beatz, Mike Cerrone, Sean Gildea, Maia Moss-Fife, Bryan Dilbeck, Kassidy Claire, Brett Wyman, Jo Helton, Erika Bierman, Edward Barbanell, Mariann Neary, John Imlay, Jon Barinholtz, Dalton E. Gray, Lucas Daniels, June Shannon, Carly Craig, Carter Hicks, Baxter Cooper Rogers, Sandra Dorsey, Arielle Liberman, Jon Barry, Jesse Gines, Robin O'Neal Sorensen, Chris Randall Sorensen, Daniel Greene, Will Coogan, Caryle Seim, Danny Murphy, Rhomyen Johnson, Walt Arnett, Kevin Barnett, Brad Blank, Ricky Blitt, Rich Brown, Troy Brown, Rob Cohen, James Freeman, Jeremy Garelick, Julius Sharpe, Boyd Hale, Derek Iverson, Brian Jarvis, Pete Jones, Trevor Kennish, T.J. King, Blake McCormick, Michael McCrudden, Patrick Meighan, Brendan O'Brien, Chris Pappas, Leo Resig, Tiffany Resig, Rocky Russo, Deepak Sethi, Chris Sheridan, Danny Smith, Jeremy Sosenko, Samantha Thomas, Trent Thomas, Trashel Thompson, John Viener, Dave Walpole, Wellesley Wild, Al Wisne, , David G. Baker, Paul Bednarz, Knox Bentley, Tim Campione, Jesse Clark, Jennifer Cocker, Daniel Collins, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Derrick Dean, Doris Dean, John Deifer, Garrett H. Dumas, Jacklyn Edney, David Emmett, Gregory Fears, Shelton Foreman, Amber Dawn Fox, Abigail Gamache, Jeff Glover, William Goodrum, Cody Mark Hanna, Walter Hendrix III, Llauryn P. Hendrix, Lauren Henneberg, Ron Hudson, Kathlene Huslin, Michael Jaegers, Billy Boy Johnson, Darien Johnson, Jeffrey Karantza, Angela Kerecz, Debi Kimsey, Aaron Kirschnick, Rob Koebel, Lex Lang, Stephanie Long, Megan Lovell, Anthony R. McClara, Andrew S. McMillan, Richard Melton, John Merical, Cam Neely, Ryan Nesset, David Pascua, William R Phillips, Barbra Prince, Allison Rene, Orbert Rogers, Sade Shearer, Dereck Smith, Dea Spicer, Athena Stuebe, Sienna Stuebe, Lauren Emily Townsend, Josh Turner, Wenzell Washington, Christina Michelle Williams, Ashton Lee Woolen, Jessica Yoshimura
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  • “- Lloyd Christmas: Harry, holy cow. I'm worried about you. You're as deaf as a bat.
    - Harry Dunne: That's not exactly how it happened, Lloyd. Your mother got into bed with me.”

    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    [Tag:mother, sex]
  • “- Harry Dunne: Mrs. P. What are you doing here?
    - Dr. Walcott: Do you always call your wife Mrs. P?
    - Harry Dunne: Oh. Uh - How you doin', sugar tits? I missed ya.”

    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Tembi Locke - Dr. Walcott
    [Tag:name, wife]
  • - Lloyd Christmas: Hey, you guys want to play "He Who Smelt It"?
    - Harry Dunne: Yeah.
    - Travis: What's that?
    - Lloyd Christmas: It's complicated, so pay attention. We put the windows up, first one who smells a fart gets a point. If you say who dealt it, double points.
    - Harry Dunne: But if you say you smelled a fart and nobody farted, like if we... (continue)
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    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Rob Riggle - Travis
    [Tag:game, stink]
  • “- Captain Lippencott: Why are you standing in the toilet?
    - Harry Dunne: So you wouldn't see my feet.
    - Captain Lippencott: Why not just stand on the rim?
    - Harry Dunne: There's ball hairs all over that thing. I'm not stupid.”

    Rob Riggle - Captain Lippincott
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
  • “- Billy: You can't feed candy to birds! They're stomachs'll explode!
    - Lloyd Christmas: Even if it's just a few Pop Rocks?”

    Brady Bluhm - Billy
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    [Tag:animals, food]
  • “- Harry Dunne: I'm his associate, Dr. Christmas.
    - Dr. Meldmann: Ah. Christmas, like the holiday?
    - Lloyd Christmas: No, Like the tree.”

    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Don Lake - Dr. Meldmann
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    [Tag:christmas, name]
  • “- Harry Dunne: That's weird. The smell of peanuts makes my weenie cold.
    - Lloyd Christmas: It shrank mine.”

    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    [Tag:food, perfume]
  • “Legs are a little rubbery after all that time sitting here. Why don't you roll me inside? We'll get the nurse take the catheter out of me. I wanna see if my lizard's still spitting straight.”
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    [Tag:body, genitalia]
  • - Harry Dunne: Lloyd? I think that was her "gran-gina."
    - Mrs. Snergle: That's right. So you can cross that one off your bucket list.

    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Jo Helton - Mrs. Snergle
    [Tag:genitalia, sex]
  • “- Harry Dunne: Boy, I sure wish I could have been there when she was little.
    - Lloyd Christmas: Whatever. That's all water under the fridge now, Har. Think of the bright side. You're finally getting to meet her, and you never had to change those poopy diapers.
    - Harry Dunne: That's called being a parent, Lloyd. Besides, I changed your poopy...” (continue)
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    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
  • “- Harry Dunne: How many days are in April?
    - Lloyd Christmas: 30 days have September, all the rest I can't remember!
    - Harry Dunne: Must be 31 because nothing rhymes with August...
    - Lloyd Christmas: Nah I think it's 32 Harry. April's a leap month.”

    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    [Tag:day, name]
  • “- Lloyd Christmas: Cheers!
    - Fraida: Whoa! Wait. Where'd you get that?
    - Lloyd Christmas: The Slurpee machine in the back.
    - Fraida: That's embalming fluid.
    - Lloyd Christmas: Oh. Does it have aspartame?
    - Fraida: No.
    - Lloyd Christmas: Cool.”

    Jim Carrey - Lloyd Christmas
    Kathleen Turner - Fraida