“Highlander: Endgame” quotes

Movie Highlander: Endgame
Title Highlander: Endgame
Year 2000
Director Douglas Aarniokoski
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Plot – A long time ago the immortals appeared on Earth. They are motivated by an irrepressible desire to fight and their battles have no limits of time or space. The winner receives a special prize although an immortal hasn't to manifest his joy in victory, because in the end he knows that there will be only one winner.
All actors – Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Bruce Payne, Lisa Barbuscia, Donnie Yen, Jim Byrnes, Peter Wingfield, Damon Dash, Beatie Edney, Sheila Gish, Oris Erhuero, Ian Paul Cassidy
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  • “In the days before memory, there were the Immortals. We were with you then, and we are with you now. We are driven by the endlessfight to survive in a game which knows no limits of time or place. We are the seeds of legend, but our true origin are unknown. We simply are.”
    Christopher Lambert - Connor MacLeod
  • “Look back at the endless travesties of your life, and you'll see me, always there waiting in the shadows. When friends and lovers are wiped from your sight, I'm there. When those you cherish die abruptly and for no reason, I'm there for you.”

    Bruce Payne - Jacob Kell
    [Tag:past, sorrow]
  • “If your God should persecute me into the next world, then I shall simply have to find myself another.”
  • “You know a little about Buddhist monks. Some of them come to cherish life so much that to step on an insect or harm a blade of grass becomes a violation of their creed, so they place themselves under an extreme form of protective custody, a sanctuary of sorts.”
    Peter Wingfield - Methos
  • “What you need to understand is that I don't care about the game. I don't care about the rules. I don't even care about these pathetic souls you keep locked away as a barrier to the prize.”
    Bruce Payne - Jacob Kell
    [Tag:game, rebellion, rules]
  • “Every life I touch ends brutally and for no reason. It's a curse that's followed me for centuries. I can't outrun it and I can't outlive it.”
    Christopher Lambert - Connor MacLeod
    [Tag:curse, killing]
  • “Life brings hope and pain, but revenge never brings redemption.”
    Christopher Lambert - Connor MacLeod
  • “Men for the most part can mend their ways only after they have made a mistake.”
    Donnie Yen - Jin Ke
    [Tag:men, mistake, remorse]
  • “The difference between Connor and I is that as long as you're still alive, there's a chance that one day I might be forgiven. It may take years. Centuries even. But at least I can carry that hope inside me. That's one blessing of immortality; there's always tomorrow. Even for us.”
    Adrian Paul - Duncan McLeod
  • “A woman is a temple built on a sewer.”
    Bruce Payne - Jacob Kell
    [Tag:appearance, women]
  • “- Kate MacLeod: Stealing's wrong. Lying's wrong. Killing's wrong. What you did goes well beyond wrong.
    - Duncan MacLeod: Fine, I deserve that, but I want a chance to make it right.
    - Kate MacLeod: You want to make it right? Then give me back the ability to have children, to grow old with the man I love. How about anything that resembles a normal...” (continue)
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    Lisa Barbuscia - Kate MacLeod
    Adrian Paul - Duncan McLeod
  • “With time, anything can be forgiven.”
    Adrian Paul - Duncan McLeod
    [Tag:forgiveness, time]
  • “Honor is not in the weapon. It is in the man.”

    Donnie Yen - Jin Ke
    [Tag:honor, weapons]
  • “- Methos: I liberated that from their lost and found.
    - Duncan MacLeod: There's blood on it.
    - Methos: I didn't say it was easy.”

    Peter Wingfield - Methos
    Adrian Paul - Duncan McLeod
    [Tag:blood, rescue]
  • “Many years after I was married, one night, I found Heather in front of the house. She had a knife in one hand, and her hair in the other. When I asked her why she had done such a thing to herself, she said it was the one part of her that would never age. It would remain the same as when I first fell in love with her. That's how she wanted me to...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Christopher Lambert - Connor MacLeod
    [Tag:hair, love, mortality]
  • “For an Immortal who comes to abhor the bloodshed, there's a similar solution, a way to be removed from the game forever. Though the price is unimaginably high. But you are, for all practical purposes, protected from the violence within you.”
    Peter Wingfield - Methos