“Love and a .45” quotes

Movie Love and a .45
Title Love and a .45
Year 1994
Director C.M. Talkington
Genre Crime, Romance, Thriller
Interpreted by
All actors – Gil Bellows, Renée Zellweger, Rory Cochrane, Jeffrey Combs, Jace Alexander, Ann Wedgeworth, Peter Fonda, Tammy Le Blanc, Wiley Wiggins, Jack Nance, Charlotte Ross, Michael Bowen
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  • “Cool nickel-plated .45 burnin' in my hand. I prayed that I wouldn't have to shoot no one with it, but I know that I would kill twelve men dead before I'd ever let Star face the cold steel bars of a jail cell.”

    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • “- Billy Mack Black: Hey, man, you sure you don't want any of this?
    - Watty Watts: I don't think it's such a good idea for you to be doin' that shit before a job.
    - Billy Mack Black: Cleans out my brain.
    - Watty Watts: Turns your brain into chewing gum.”

    Rory Cochrane - Billy Mack Black
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    [Tag:brain, drugs]
  • “You know, I hate breakfast. It makes me want to puke.”
    Jace Alexander - Creepy Cody
  • “- Starlene Cheatham: Hey, Watt, who was that?
    - Watty Watts: Two asshole Bible salesmen.
    - Starlene Cheatham: What'd they want?
    - Watty Watts: To save my soul.”

    Renee Zellweger - Starlene Cheatham
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    [Tag:bible, safety, soul]
  • “Billy had been right. Once you smell someone fryin'... you can't ever think clearly again.”
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • “- Watty Watts: I got two pieces of advice for you, small fry: Never believe a word anyone says... and never rob a store with a loaded gun. Never!
    - Young Clerk: Yes, sir.
    - Watty Watts: That way no one gets hurt.”

    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    Wiley Wiggins - Young Clerk
  • “I'd been a con and a thief for twenty-five years, but I never hurt no one. Billy had violated the code: he'd packed a loaded gun. Speed-snortin' psychopath sittin' next to me, had interrupted the flow of my happiness. He had killed someone in my presence... and in all likelihood, my life had been fucked.”
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • “- Starlene Cheatham: Watty, are you shittin' me? You're gonna' take me to Mexico?
    - Watty Watts: You know you don't have to come with me, Star.
    - Starlene Cheatham: Baby, I'd follow you to Oklahoma!”

    Renee Zellweger - Starlene Cheatham
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • When I was a young boy... my granddaddy, who had been a professional bounty hunter, he said to me, "Watty, only two things you need in life to get by on this planet: Love and a 45".
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    [Tag:love, weapons]
  • “You're crazier than a road lizard, Billy.”
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • “If you want something in life, you gotta' be able to go out there and take it. Nobody's gonna' hand it to you on a plate.”
    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
  • “- Watty Watts: Well, I've been livin' the straight and narrow so why don't you take your chicken-fried, crypto-fascist ass, out of my fuckin' house before I call the cops.
    - Ranger X: We are the cops, shit brain.”

    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    Michael Bowen - Ranger X
  • “- Watty Watts: I've got a problematical situation going on. I borrowed two thousand dollars from Father Pecro to buy that wedding ring.
    - Billy Mack Black: See, you're a stupid asshole.
    - Watty Watts: Well, I couldn't help it, man, it was on sale.”

    Gil Bellows - Watty Watts
    Rory Cochrane - Billy Mack Black