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Movie Masterminds
Title Masterminds
Year 2016
Director Jared Hess
Genre Comedy, Crime, Biography, Action
Plot – David Ghantt is a simple man that lives a very dull life. Day after day he drives an armoured van filled with millions of dollars. His only distraction is his colleague Kelly Campbell, whom he has a crush on. In order to impress her, David makes a deal with a group of criminals led by Steve Chambers. Following their awful plan, David manages to escape with 17 million dollars and, after the robbery, he gives the money to the group of cheats. While the group spends the money, leaving many clues behind them, David becomes the only scape goat and will find himself escaping the police and an unskilled killer to successfully save his life.
All actors – Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Ross Kimball, Jason Sudeikis, Devin Ratray, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Jon Daly, Ken Marino, Daniel Zacapa, Tom Werme, Njema Williams, Nils Cruz, Michael Fraguada, Christian Gonzalez, Candace Blanchard, Karsten Friske, Dallas Edwards, Barry Ratcliffe, Shelton Grant, Laura Palka, Reegus Flenory, Wynn Reichert, Jill Jane Clements, Joseph S. Wilson, Jee An, Rhoda Griffis, Nicole Dupre Sobchack, Vincent Garcia, Eizzil Cintrón Valenzuela, Matt Corboy, Anne Johnson, Timothy Timms, Beth Adams, Andrea Alcorn, Jay Amor, Mandi Beers, Kelly Borgnis, J. William Brown, Miller Carbon, John Carter, James Coburn, Bonnie Cole, Danny Comden, Cowboy, David L. Craig, David Lee Craig, Tyler Craig, Tania Cuzmenco, Jason Michael Elliott, Cameron Feimster, Willie Tyrone Ferguson, Derwin Frank, Christopher Donald Gallagher, Fred Galle, Brent Gribble, Josué Gutierrez, Keya Hamilton, Keith Paul Hunter, Jim Keisler, Christy Konnick, T.J. Lyell, Corey Maher, Gabriel Manak, Chris Matheny, Robert McRary, Brenda Moss-Clifton, Allegra Nova, Kevin J. O'Connor, Paul Pillsbury, Joey Popp, Diezel Ramos, Kerry Rossall, David N. Russell, John Rutland, Marlo Scheitler, Wil Smith, Ron Stafford, Kelly Tippens, Kathy Walton, Trinity Whiteside
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