“The Draughtsman's Contract” quotes

Movie The Draughtsman's Contract
Peter Greenaway directed this movie in 1982
Title The Draughtsman's Contract
Year 1982
Director Peter Greenaway
Genre Drama, Comedy, Mystery
All actors – Anthony Higgins, Janet Suzman, Anne-Louise Lambert, Hugh Fraser, Neil Cunningham, Dave Hill, David Gant, David Meyer, Tony Meyer, Nicholas Amer, Suzan Crowley, Lynda La Plante, Michael Feast, Alastair Cumming, Steve Ubels, Ben Kirby, Sylvia Rotter, Kate Doherty, David Joss Buckley, Michael Carter, Vivienne Chandler, Geoffrey Larder, Harry Van Engel, George Miller
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  • “Your inventory, Louis, is unlimited. Like your long, clean, white breeches, there is nothing of substance in either of them.”
    Hugh Fraser - Mr Talmann
    [Tag:apparel, insult]
  • “- Mr Neville: That was ingenious.
    - Mrs. Talmann: Since when has adultery been ingenious? You are ridiculous, Mr. Neville.”

    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    Anne-Louise Lambert - Mrs. Talmann
  • “- Mrs. Talmann: His father was killed at Aufbergensfeld. His mother became a Catholic so my husband had him brought to England.
    - Mr Neville: To be raised as a little Protestant?
    - Mrs. Talmann: He was an orphan, Mr. Neville, and needed to be looked after.
    - Mr Neville: An orphan, madame, because his mother became a Catholic?”

    Anne-Louise Lambert - Mrs. Talmann
    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    [Tag:parents, religion]
  • “- Mr Neville: Four garments and a ladder do not lead us to a corpse.
    - Mrs. Talmann: Mr. Neville, I said nothing about a corpse.”

    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    Anne-Louise Lambert - Mrs. Talmann
    [Tag:apparel, body, death]
  • “You must forgive my curiosity, madam, and open your knees.”

    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    [Tag:painting, request]
  • “Mr. Chandos was a man who spent more time with his gardener than his wife.”
    Neil Cunningham - Mr Noyes
    [Tag:garden, husband, wife]
  • “- Mr Neville: I'm surprised, delighted. I am overwhelmed.
    - Mrs Herbert: Mr. Neville, I will take all three states of your satisfaction into consideration.”

    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    Janet Suzman - Mrs Herbert
  • “When your speech is as coarse as your face, Louis, then you sound as impotent by day as you perform by night.”
    Hugh Fraser - Mr Talmann
  • “- Mr Neville: Why doesn't your husband have the moat cleaned out?
    - Mrs Herbert: He doesn't like to see the fish. Carp live too long - they remind him of Catholics. Besides, from his window, the duckweed could be mistaken for lawn.”

    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    Janet Suzman - Mrs Herbert
    [Tag:fish, religion]
  • “Why is that dutchman waving his arms about? Is he homesick for windmills?”
    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    [Tag:doing, hand]
  • Chasing sheep is a tiresome habit best left to shepherds.”

    Hugh Fraser - Mr Talmann
    [Tag:animals, habit, job]
  • “Your innocence, Mr. Neville, is always sinister.”
    Anne-Louise Lambert - Mrs. Talmann
  • “More than a witness, Mr. Neville - an accessory to misadventure.”

    Hugh Fraser - Mr Talmann
    [Tag:murder, witness]
  • “- Mr Neville: The Garden of Eden, Mr. Talman, was originally intended for Ireland. For it was there, after all, that St. Patrick eradicated the snake.
    - Mr Talmann: The only useful eradication that ever happened in Ireland, Mr. Neville, was peformed by William of Orange four years ago on my birthday!
    - Mr Neville: Happy birthday to you, Mr....” (continue)
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    Anthony Higgins - Mr Neville
    Hugh Fraser - Mr Talmann
    [Tag:garden, god, ireland]