“The Keep” quotes

Movie The Keep
Michael Mann directed this movie in 1983
Title The Keep
Year 1983
Director Michael Mann
Genre Horror
Plot – Some Nazis have to guard an old fortress in Romania. One of them accidentally releases an evil force which was trapped in the mountains. A stranger feels what's happening from his house in Greece and leaves to fight the ghost.
All actors – Scott Glenn, Alberta Watson, Jürgen Prochnow, Robert Prosky, Gabriel Byrne, Ian McKellen, William Morgan Sheppard, Royston Tickner, Michael Carter, Phillip Joseph, John Vine, Jona Jones
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  • What are you discovering about yourself, Kaempffer? "I murder all these people. Therefore, I must be powerful". And you smash them down only because that raises you up. It's a psychotic fantasy to escape the weakness and disease you sense in the core of your souls! You have scooped the most diseased psyches out of the German gutter! You have... (continue)(continue reading)
    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
  • - Eva Cuza: We're dealing with a Golem! A devil!
    - Dr. Cuza: A devil? Now you listen to me! The devil in the Keep wears a black uniform and has a death's head in his cap, and calls himself a "Sturmbannführer"!

    Alberta Watson - Eva Cuza
    Sir Ian McKellen - Dr. Theodore Cuza
    [Tag:devil, evil, nazism]
  • “- Captain Klaus Woermann: What the hell are you doing? Answer!
    - Lutz: The silver crosses, sir. There's talk among the men. They hide silver here. Treasure, sir.
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: Private Lutz, it's been a profitable day for you! Not only have you learned the crosses are made of nickel, not silver, but you have earned yourself a place on...” (continue)
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    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    John Vine - Lutz
    [Tag:punishment, theft]
  • “Were you with the German anti-fascists fighting us in Spain? No! Did you stop the Einsatzkommando at Poznan? No! You have the debilitating German disease, Woermann - Sentimental talk! It allows you to feel sensitive, superior, and yet stay safe because you take no action. Your sentimental suffering makes me sick!”
    Gabriel Byrne - Kaempffer
  • “- Captain Klaus Woermann: Who's this?
    - Dr. Cuza: My son. He died in Spain. Five years ago this month. Fighting on the republican side. Where you in Spain?
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: If I were, I would have been in the Thälmann brigade. The anti-fascist Germans. Your son and I, we would have been fighting on the same side. But no, I wasn't.”

    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    Sir Ian McKellen - Dr. Theodore Cuza
    [Tag:fighting, regret, son]
  • “- Captain Klaus Woermann: What's all the shooting in the village, huh?
    - Major Kaempffer: A civilian to be interrogated. He resisted, and was shot!
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: Another civilian! The courageous Einsatzkommondo again is victorious!”

    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    Gabriel Byrne - Kaempffer
  • “- Dr. Cuza: What you sense is my fate in a death camp?
    - Molasar: A place where people gather to die?
    - Dr. Cuza: A place where people are murdered.”

    Sir Ian McKellen - Dr. Theodore Cuza
    Michael Carter - Radu Molasar
    [Tag:death, fate, killing]
  • “- Eva Cuza: Where do you come from?
    - Glaeken: I am a traveller.
    - Eva Cuza: From where?
    - Glaeken: Everywhere. Go to sleep... and dream.”

    Alberta Watson - Eva Cuza
    Scott Glenn - Glaeken
  • “- Captain Klaus Woermann: Who built the Keep?
    - Alexandru: Some say Turks. Some say the warlords of ancient Wallachia.
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: No, no, this is not a fortress. A soldier could walk up the outside wall. Why are the small stones on the outside and the large stones here in the interior? It's constructed... backwards. This place was...” (continue)
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    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    William Morgan Sheppard - Alexandru
    [Tag:building, mystery]
  • “- Alexandru: Some travellers have stayed. We don't stop them. But no one stays the night.
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: Ghosts? Demons?
    - Alexandru: No. No ghosts here.
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: Deaths then? Suicides?
    - Alexandru: No one's ever died here.
    - Captain Klaus Woermann: Then what drives people out, in the middle of a rainy night?
    -...” (continue)
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    William Morgan Sheppard - Alexandru
    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    [Tag:dreams, escape]
  • I will tell you something, if you allow me. The people that go to these "assessment camps"... There are only two doors. One in and one out. The one out is a chimney. You better find a way to be of use to me in three days. Three days. Or back to the camps go you... and your daughter.

    Gabriel Byrne - Kaempffer
    [Tag:death, nazism]
  • “At Poznan, a year and a half ago, SS Einsatzkommando executed men, women and children. Children, for God's sake! Ruthlessness? Courage?”
    Jürgen Prochnow - Woermann
    [Tag:evil, killing, nazism]