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9/8/16 at 5:37 PM
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  • “Depart now and you forever separate yourselves from the vital American legacies of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Memphis Slim, Blind Boy Fuller, Louie Jordon, Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonnyboy Williamson I and II, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Lieber and Stoller, and Robert K. Weiss.”

    Dan Aykroyd - Elwood Blues
  • Walk away now and you walk away from your crafts, your skills, your vocations; leaving the next generation with nothing but recycled, digitally-sampled techno-grooves, quasi-synth rhythms, pseudo-songs of violence-laden gangsta-rap, acid pop, and simpering, saccharine, soulless slush.”

    Dan Aykroyd - Elwood Blues
    [Tag:leaving, music]
  • “They burned the flag and they demonstrated against us; it's on the cover of the paper today. They have no respect. They have no idea what's going on over there, mom - the men that are sacrificing their lives. People are dying every day over there, and nobody back here even seems to care. It's a bunch of goddamn shit if you ask me!”
    Tom Cruise - Ron Kovic
    [Tag:protest, respect, war]
  • “What have you done really? Gotten yourself filmed in one demonstration or another in Trafalgar square? You even made the evening news when you sat on a road in front of a bus and read aloud from Che Guevara. Tell us what you've done besides talk. Not a thing.”

    Yorgo Voyagis - Joseph
  • “- Haru: Oh I see you got the R2347ST Printing press. This thing came out the same time I was printing leaflets for the Shave the Whales Foundation.
    - Martin Tanley: You mean Save the Whales.
    - Haru: Oh is that what you did with them? Maybe it was starve the whales… starve the whales.”

    Chris Farley - Haru
    Nathaniel Parker - Martin Tanley