“Head Office” quotes

Movie Head Office
Title Head Office
Year 1985
Director Ken Finkleman
Genre Comedy
Plot – Every day, INC.'s directors struggle to get the power. INC. is a large multinational headed by cynic Helms, meanwhile Jack Issel Junior witnesses the death of two of its most important managers. He's the son of an important senator and he's greeted by his superiors. He deals with public relations. He meets Rachel and falls in love with her. Then Jack is sent to represent the company to Allenville and he's supposed to declare some falsehoods to contrast a protest, but he tells the truth indeed and he's immediately dismissed. When INC. is praised to have declared their wrongs, Jack is rehired and finds out Rachel is the daughter of Helms, who is forced to resign. Rachel becomes the new INC.'s owner and the young couple can now live happily in love.
All actors – Judge Reinhold, Lori-Nan Engler, Eddie Albert, Merritt Butrick, Ron Frazier, Richard Masur, Rick Moranis, Don Novello, Michael O'Donoghue, Jane Seymour, Wallace Shawn, Bruce Wagner
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