“A River Runs Through It” quotes

Movie A River Runs Through It
Robert Redford directed this movie in 1992
Title A River Runs Through It
Year 1992
Director Robert Redford
Genre Drama
Plot – The movie tells the story of two brothers, their father - a minister - and the river that somehow shaped their lives. Set in Montana, USA, between 1910 and 1935, fly fishing becomes both a metaphor and a meeting place, since it combines science, sports, religion, art and, at times, a common search for grace.
All actors – Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn, Emily Lloyd, Edie McClurg, Stephen Shellen, Vann Gravage, Nicole Burdette, Susan Traylor, Michael Cudlitz, Rob Cox, Buck Simmonds, Fred Oakland, David Creamer, Madonna Reubens, John Reubens, Arnold Richardson, MacIntyre Dixon, William Hootkins, Al Richardson, Jess Schwidde, Chuck Adamson, Rex Kendall, Jack Kroll, Martina Kreidl, Noah Scot Snyder, Margot Kiser, Philip A. Braun, Tracy Mayfield, Anne Merren, Chuck Tweed, Prudence Johnson, D. Gorton, Lincoln Quesenberry, Hawk Forssell, Jim Dunkin, Jacob Snyder, Kathy Scharler, Don Jeffery, Byron Dingman, Cecily Johnson, Caleb Shiff, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, , Daren Eastwold, Lance R. Jones, Robert Redford
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