“Billy Elliot” quotes

Movie Billy Elliot
Stephen Daldry directed this movie in 2000
Title Billy Elliot
Year 2000
Director Stephen Daldry
Genre Drama, Comedy, Music
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Plot – Billy is 11 and during his boxing training he takes part by chance to a dance lesson. During 1984, Northern England is facing many miners' strikes and Billy's father and brother are among them. When they realize the boy has replaced boxing with ballet, the two men forbid him both activities and order him to look after the old grandmother, but Mrs. Wilkinson, his dance teacher, sees in him a great potentials, so she secretly prepares Billy to the London Royal Ballet School's audition. On that day, Billy's brother is beaten and arrested and the boy misses the appointment. Mrs. Wilkinson argues with his father, meanwhile Billy shows his friend Michael the piece he has prepared for the audition. His father assists to the show too and for the first time the man realizes his son is talented indeed, so he decides to stop the strike to get the money for their trip to London.
All actors – Jamie Bell, Jean Heywood, Jamie Draven, Gary Lewis, Stuart Wells, Mike Elliot, Billy Fane, Nicola Blackwell, Julie Walters, Carol McGuigan, Joe Renton, Colin MacLachlan, Janine Birkett, Trevor Fox, Charlie Hardwick, Denny Ferguson, Dennis Lingard, Matthew James Thomas, Stephen Mangan, Paul Ridley, Patrick Malahide, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Imogen Claire, Diana Kent, Neil North, Lee Williams, Petra Siniawski, Merelina Kendall, Zoe Bell, Tracey Wilkinson, Merryn Owen, Adam Cooper, Dylan Barnes, Martin L. Evans, Adam Galbraith, Darren Jacobs, Sharon Percy, Ken Richardson, Leonard Silver, Lee Smikle, Damian Winter-Higgins
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