“The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission” quotes

Movie The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission
Title The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission
Year 1985
Director Andrew V. McLaglen
Genre Action, War
Interpreted by
All actors – Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Ken Wahl, Larry Wilcox, Sonny Landham, Richard Jaeckel, Wolf Kahler, Gavan O'Herlihy, Ricco Ross, Stephen Hattersley, Rolf Saxon, Jay Benedict
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  • “Would the General mind stop playing with his choo-choo and tell me what I'm supposed to do?”
    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
  • “- Arlen Dregors: Recruiting new victims, Major? Heard all about your last mission. Yeah, twelve go out, only one comes home. Those are lousyodds.
    - Maj. John Reisman: It's a lousy war. This is a lousyprison. And you have a lousy future.”

    Ricco Ross - Arlen Dregors
    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
    [Tag:soldiers, war]
  • “For those of you who forgot, my name is Reisman. You have all volunteered for a mission that gives you three ways to go. You can foul up during training, you can foul up in action, in which case I will blow your brains out, or you can do as you're told. In which case you may just get by. This is your new home. Do not try to escape. There will be...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
  • I was born in Germany, but I'm an American. Nobody calls me "fat kraut".
    Stephen Hattersley - Otto Deutsch
  • Sure be glad when this war is ended, so then we can putt without being blown up.”

    Ernest Borgnine - Gen. Worden
    [Tag:danger, playing, war]
  • “You've got a record like a roll of toilet paper. AWOL, desertion of post, striking an NCO, refusing to take orders, drunk on duty, assaulting a superior officer, resulting in his death. And yet you managed to get yourself the Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. You've got a lot of talent. You just don't know how to use it. But I do.”

    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
  • “- Gen. Sepp Dietrich: [playing chess] Checkmate.
    - Schmidt: Congratulations, Herr General.
    - Gen. Sepp Dietrich: Nothing has changed, my dear Schmidt. All the years you have been with me, I cannot remember the last time you won the game. You must realize by now I am a master of strategy. There is no one in the Fatherland who has furthered the...” (continue)
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    Wolf Kahler - Gen. Sepp Dietrich
    Crispin Denys - Schmidt
  • “- Gen. Pierre Fontaine: We are not certain, but our intelligence reports that there's going to be another assassination attempt on Hitler.
    - Gen. Worden: Again? They can't do that. Kill their own Führer? That's cheating!
    - Gen. Bulldog Bardsley: Quite right, old boy.”

    Denis Holmes - Gen. Pierre Fontaine
    Ernest Borgnine - Gen. Worden
    Alan Barry - Gen. Bulldog Bardsley
  • “- Maj. John Reisman: Tell me, son, what happened between you and the Sergeant?
    - Otto Deutsch: We were in a bar. I'd been drinking. He was calling me names.
    - Maj. John Reisman: That a reason to kill 'im?”

    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
    Stephen Hattersley - Otto Deutsch
    [Tag:insult, killing]
  • “- Maj. John Reisman: You hit a lieutenant in the back of the head at 220 yards. That's a nice shot.
    - Arlen Dregors: The Army didn't think so.
    - Maj. John Reisman: But they're prejudiced. I'm not.”

    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
    Ricco Ross - Arlen Dregors
    [Tag:ability, army, killing]
  • “- Tommy Wells: For this car, the war is over.
    - Sam Sixkiller: Thought you said this was a good car, Otto.
    - Otto Deutsch: It's not the car's fault.
    - Louis Valentine: No, it's yours”

    Larry Wilcox - Tommy Wells
    Sonny Landham - Sam Sixkiller
    Stephen Hattersley - Otto Deutsch
    Ken Wahl - Louis Valentine
  • “- Maj. John Reisman: It'll be more fun than you've had in years.
    - Arlen Dregors: Hand grenade and hookers? That ain't my style.
    - Maj. John Reisman: But shooting an officer in the back of the head is?”

    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman
    Ricco Ross - Arlen Dregors
    [Tag:killing, war, weapons]
  • “- Otto Deutsch: I would like to die like an American soldier.
    - Maj. John Reisman: You've got a good chance of doing just that.”

    Stephen Hattersley - Otto Deutsch
    Lee Marvin - Maj. John Reisman