“The Jungle Book” quotes

Movie The Jungle Book
Title The Jungle Book
Year 1994
Director Stephen Sommers
Genre Romance, Adventure, Family
Plot – In 1871 in India a caravan led by British Major Brydon and the guide Nathoo is attacked by the tiger Shere Khan. Nathoo dies and the camp is set on fire, the horses are scared and flee. Mowgli, Nathoo's son, is onboard and disappears in the jungle. He survives and he's adopted by the panther Bagheera. The child befriends the bear Baloo and grows with a pack of wolves. Chasing a monkey, Mowgli discovers a ghost town in the jungle where he finds a precious dagger and takes it. Meanwhile, Captain William Boone meets Mowgli and Kitty Brydon recognizes him as her childhood friend because he still has the bracelet she gave him when they were children. Boone forces Mowgli to show him where the treasure is, but the Captain is attacked by the python Kaa and dies. Shere Khan arrives too, but as the tiger feels Mowgli is a creature of the jungle, she lets him go.
All actors – Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, Lena Headey, Sam Neill, John Cleese, Jason Flemyng, Stefan Kalipha, Ron Donachie, Anirudh Agarwal, Faran Tahir, Sean Naegeli, Joanna Wolff
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