• “- Bert: Let's sit down. You know, begging your pardon, but the one my heart goes out to is your father. There he is, in that cold heartless bank day after day, hammed in by mounds of cold heartless money. I don't like to see any living thing caged up.
    - Jane: Father in a cage?
    - Bert: They makes cages of all sizes and shapes, you know. Bank-shaped, some of them, carpets and all.
    - Jane: Father's not in trouble. We are.
    - Bert: Oh. Sure about that, are you? Look at it this way. You've got your mother to look after you and Mary Poppins and Constable Jones and me. Who looks after your father? Tell me that. When something terrible happens, what does he do? Fends for himself, he does. Who does he tell about it? No one. Don't blab his troubles at home. He just pushes on at his job, uncomplaining and alone and silent.”

    Dick Van Dyke - Bert
    Karen Dotrice - Jane Banks
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9/12/08 at 9:23 PM
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