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6/8/18 at 6:50 PM
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  • “- Laforgue: What can we say to people who think that dreams are the real world; this one is an illusion. Perhaps they're right.
    - Daniel: Farewell, Father Laforgue.
    - Laforgue: No farewells. Not in this land. And no greetings, no names. The forests speak. The dead talk at night. God bless you both.”

    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
    Aden Young - Daniel
  • “- Frenchman 1: Look at him, dressed like a savage chieftain. We're not colonizing the Indians; they're colonizing us.
    - Frenchman 2: Not me they're not. I'm not becoming one of those wild woodsmen. In one more year, I'm going back to France.”

  • “Lord, if it be thy wish that I suffer greater privations in the days ahead, I welcome it. Thou hast given me this cross for thy honor and for the salvation of these poor barbarians. I thank thee.”
    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
  • “Lord, why is Fr. Jerome with you in Heaven, while Chomina lies forever in utter darkness? Help me.”
    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue
    [Tag:prayer, savages]
  • “- Old Priest: The savages did this to me.
    - Laforgue: The indians? Why?
    - Old Priest: They are uncivilized, just as the English or Germans were before we came to them.”

    Claude Préfontaine - Old Priest
    Lothaire Bluteau - Laforgue