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Movie Accepted
Title Accepted
Year 2006
Director Steve Pink
Genre Comedy
Plot – School is finally over for Bartleby 'B' Gaines and his parents are anxiously awaiting an acceptance by any prestigious university. However the postman delivers only rejection letters, so 'B' along with his friends - rejected by colleges too - moves to an abandoned building where he sets up his personal university. He calls it South Harmon Institute of Technology, with a proper Dean of Faculty and a website through which students can enroll themselves. The fake university is so credible and successful that soon 'B' sees many applications by dozens of students, rejected too from other universities. As well as being involved in the campus' building, 'B' has to find a way to conquer his beloved Monica too.
All actors – Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Adam Herschman, Columbus Short, Maria Thayer, Lewis Black, Blake Lively, Mark Derwin, Ann Cusack, Hannah Marks, Robin Lord Taylor, Sam Horrigan
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