“Damien: Omen II” quotes

Movie Damien: Omen II
Title Damien: Omen II
Year 1978
Directors Don Taylor, Mike Hodges
Genre Horror
Plot – Seven years after the death of his earthly father, Damien the Antichrist lives with his uncle Richard Thorn and his wife Ann, who consider him like their own son. Damien grows up with Mark, his cousin and half-brother. As Aunt Marion is aware of Damien's real diabolical identity, she dies mysteriously. When Damien and Mark go to the Davidson Military Academy, Damien unleashes his fatal gaze against everyone who contrasts him, but he's an exemplary student and he earns the "sword of honor". Meanwhile, Thorn's industries prepare to colonize the world and Paul Buher leads the operation. His antagonist Elder Bill Atherrton dies mysteriously too, so Paul becomes Damien's protector. All those who discover the real guy's nature die badly and Damien's family is doomed too.
All actors – William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Robert Foxworth, Nicholas Pryor, Lew Ayres, Sylvia Sidney, Lance Henriksen, Elizabeth Shepherd, Lucas Donat, Allan Arbus, Fritz Ford
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  • “- Sergeant Neff: I'm here to teach you but also I'm here to help you. Any problems, you come to me. Don't be afraid, day or night, any advice. You understand?
    - Damien Thorn: Whatever you say, Sergeant.
    - Sergeant Neff: We're gonna get to know each other. I see you're an orphan. Well, that's something we have in common.”

    Lance Henriksen - Sergeant Neff
    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
    [Tag:advice, helping]
  • “- Richard Thorn: Damien was not affected by the gas.
    - Ann Thorn: We can be thankful for that.
    - Richard Thorn: Why all the other boys and not Damien?
    - Ann Thorn: I don't understand. What did the doctor say?
    - Richard Thorn: The tissue tests he made indicate that Damien has a different cell structure.
    - Ann Thorn: Different?”

    William M. Holden - Richard Thorn
    Lee Grant - Ann Thorn
  • “Richard, you know me to be a rational man, but what I'm about to tell you is not rational...”
    Nicholas Pryor - Charles Warren
  • “- Damien Thorn: Teddy, don't ever talk about my father again. Do you understand?
    - Teddy: Can't you take a joke?
    - Damien Thorn: Yes.”

    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
    John J. Newcombe - Teddy
    [Tag:father, joke, threat]
  • “- Sergeant Neff: What were you trying to do, Damien? What were you trying to do?
    - Damien Thorn: I was just answering questions, Sergeant.
    - Sergeant Neff: You were showing off.
    - Damien Thorn: No, I just knew all the answers. Somehow I just knew them all.”

    Lance Henriksen - Sergeant Neff
    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
  • “- Charles Warren: Can you tell what actually happened to your brother in London?
    - Richard Thorn: Why do you ask that?
    - Charles Warren: I've just opened a letter box that was sent from Israel. It belonged to Bugenhagen, they found it near his skeleton.
    - Richard Thorn: So?
    - Charles Warren: Did you know it was Bugenhagen who gave your brother...” (continue)
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    Nicholas Pryor - Charles Warren
    William M. Holden - Richard Thorn
    [Tag:killing, letters]
  • “- Paul Buher: Do you know what exactly I do for Thorn Industries?
    - Damien Thorn: Not really, Sir.
    - Paul Buher: You should. You should know everything about the Thorn business. After all it will be yours one day.
    - Damien Thorn: And Mark's!
    - Paul Buher: And Mark's. Of course.”

    Robert Foxworth - Paul Buher
    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
  • “- Damien Thorn: I love you, Mark. You're like my brother.
    - Mark Thorn: No! No!
    - Damien Thorn: You are my brother. And you mean more to me than...
    - Mark Thorn: No! The Beast has no brother! Don't call me your brother!”

    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
    Lucas Donat - Mark Thorn
  • “- Damien Thorn: Why are you running away from me, Mark?
    - Mark Thorn: I know who you are.
    - Damien Thorn: You do?”

    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
    Lucas Donat - Mark Thorn
  • “- Richard Thorn: He's not human.
    - Ann Thorn: He's your brother's son, he's a boy you've loved for seven years.
    - Richard Thorn: The boy has got to die!”

    William M. Holden - Richard Thorn
    Lee Grant - Ann Thorn
  • “- Ann Thorn: Charles, I heard about your reporter friend, what's her name?
    - Charles Warren: Joan Hart.
    - Ann Thorn: I'm so sorry.
    - Charles Warren: Yes, it's so strange. She got hit by a truck on a deserted highway.
    - Ann Thorn: I know.”

    Lee Grant - Ann Thorn
    Nicholas Pryor - Charles Warren
  • “- Sergeant Neff: Mathematics, good. Science, very good. Military history, fair, room for improvement.
    - Damien Thorn: Yes, Sergeant.
    - Sergeant Neff: Physical training is excellent. I hear you're quite a football player. Be proud of your accomplishments. Pride is all right when there's reason to be proud.
    - Damien Thorn: Yes, Sergeant.”

    Lance Henriksen - Sergeant Neff
    Jonathan Scott-Taylor - Damien Thorn
    [Tag:army, pride, school]