“J. Edgar” quotes

Movie J. Edgar
Clint Eastwood directed this movie in 2011
Title J. Edgar
Year 2011
Director Clint Eastwood
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Biography
Plot – The life of J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director for over half a century, is divided between his public work and his much gossiped about complex private life. With the constant support of his loyal secretary Helen and advised by his stern mother Anne Marie, Hoover helps create the myth of the American federal investigative agency, personally reorganizing the structure and the application methods, leading the fight against the world of gangsters. While his power grows dramatically, even to the point of intimidating American presidents, rumors begin to insinuate doubts about his true relationship with his right-hand man Tolson, suspected of being his lover.
All actors – Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Hamilton, Geoff Pierson, Cheryl Lawson, Kaitlyn Dever, Brady Matthews, Gunner Wright, David A. Cooper, Ed Westwick, Naomi Watts, Kelly Lester, Jack Donner
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