“Kicking and Screaming” quotes

Movie Kicking and Screaming
Title Kicking and Screaming
Year 1995
Director Noah Baumbach
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
Plot – Some students have just graduated. Grover wants to be a novelist, but he has a writer's block after Jane, his great love, has left the city. Max is supported by his wealthy parents, while Skippy enrolls again to attend all the lessons he has lost before. Otis has retired long ago and everyone spends time at the bar meeting new girls. When fall arrives, new students start the university. Otis now works in a video store, Skippy and Max lead a melancholy routine and all reflect on advantages and disadvantages of the last changes.
All actors – Josh Hamilton, Samuel Gould, Catherine Kellner, Jonathan Baumbach, John Lehr, Olivia d'Abo, Peter Czernin, Carlos Jacott, Chris Eigeman, Eric Stoltz, Eliza Roberts, Jason Wiles
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