“The Baby-Sitters Club” quotes

Movie The Baby-Sitters Club
Title The Baby-Sitters Club
Year 1995
Director Melanie Mayron
Genre Drama, Comedy, Family
Plot – The movie tells the story of seven girls and their baby-sitting cooperative. The business is going well, so the girls decide to open a summer camp for children, but they discover not all the neighbours are favorable. This experience will teach them what cooperation and responsibility mean. Kristy, the leader of the group, lives with her mother and her stepfather. When her natural father comes to town, the girl begs him not to tell his mother he's in town.
All actors – Schuyler Fisk, Bre Blair, Rachael Leigh Cook, Larisa Oleynik, Tricia Joe, Stacy Linn Ramsower, Zelda Harris, Vanessa Zima, Christian Oliver, Brooke Adams, Bruce Davison, Jessica Needham
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  • “- Mallory Pike: We're rich!
    - Jessi Ramsey: We can almost buy a car!
    - Mallory Pike: In five years, we can drive it!
    - Kristy Thomas: Hey, you guys, if we raise enough money, we can have our own office!
    - Stacey: That's a great idea!”

    Stacy Linn Ramsower - Mallory Pike
    Zelda Harris - Jessi Ramsey
    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
    Bre Blair - Stacey McGill
    [Tag:business, money]
  • “That girl is developing some really badkarma.”
    Larisa Oleynik - Dawn Schafer
  • “- Jessi Ramsey: Stacey, how was your date with Luca?
    - Stacey McGill: Smashing...
    - Kristy Thomas: Smashing? What, did he hit you over the head with his charm?”

    Zelda Harris - Jessi Ramsey
    Bre Blair - Stacey McGill
    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
    [Tag:charm, date]
  • Dad, you sent like two postcards in five years, or something. I was always thinking you would come. You never did, ever. I wait for you every year, you never even called. You don't care about me and everyone who does care about me's mad at me. I can't do this anymore. I've never lied to my mom or my friends and since you've got here, that's all...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
  • - Kristy Thomas: Today, using the "BSC" quick study method, you're going to learn about the human body!
    - Claudia Kishi: Don't bother. It doesn't interest me.
    - Mallory Pike: Does the Baby-Sitters Club interest you?
    - Claudia Kishi: It's my life.
    - Mallory Pike: Then get interested.

    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
    Tricia Joe - Claudia Kishi
    Stacy Linn Ramsower - Mallory Pike
  • “- Claudia Kishi: We have a tragedy here! I flunked science and I have to go to summer school.
    - Jessi Ramsey: Aren't your parents going to kill you?
    - Claudia Kishi: Maybe.”

    Tricia Joe - Claudia Kishi
    Zelda Harris - Jessi Ramsey
  • “- Luca: Why don't we go out on Saturday? We could go to the movie so if nothing is playing, you could show me around Stoneybrook.
    - Stacey McGill: Well, this is kind of it. I mean, it's not like New York City or anything. That's where I grew up. Have you ever been there?
    - Luca: No, not yet.
    - Stacey McGill: It's the best!”

    Christian Oliver - Luca
    Bre Blair - Stacey McGill
  • “I said give her a flower, not squirt her with one!”

    Austin O'Brien - Logan Bruno
    [Tag:flirting, flowers]
  • “- Kristy Thomas: I'm going to tell Mom you're here.
    - Patrick Thomas: Kristy, we had a deal.
    - Kristy Thomas: Yeah. Well, Dad, I'm breaking it just like you broke all your promises.”

    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
    Peter Horton - Patrick Thomas
    [Tag:deal, father, promises]
  • “- Mallory Pike: Make a wish.
    - Kristy Thomas: Friends forever.”

    Stacy Linn Ramsower - Mallory Pike
    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas
  • “- Mary Anne Spier: Something's wrong here, you guys. School's out and I miss it.
    - Dawn Schafer: I know, it's not that I love it, just...
    - Mary Anne Spier: We don't get to see each other everyday?
    - Jessi Ramsey: And we end up baby-sitting at different houses.
    - Mallory Pike: We might as well be on seperate planets.”

    Rachael Leigh Cook - Mary Anne Spier
    Larisa Oleynik - Dawn Schafer
    Zelda Harris - Jessi Ramsey
    Stacy Linn Ramsower - Mallory Pike
  • “Jessie's motto is ''Why walks when you can dance?''.”
    Schuyler Fisk - Kristy Thomas