“The Dish” quotes

Movie The Dish
Title The Dish
Year 2000
Director Rob Sitch
Genre Drama, History, Comedy
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Plot – The movie focuses on the events related to the historic 'Apollo 1' mission to the Moon. It took place in Parkes, an Australian city in New South Wales. NASA installed a huge radio telescope to allow the vision of the man landing on the moon to the citizens all over the world.
All actors – Sam Neill, Billy Mitchell, Roz Hammond, Christopher-Robin Street, Luke Keltie, Naomi Wright, Ben Wright-Smith, Beverley Dunn, Grant Thompson, Bille Brown, Bernard Curry, Kevin Harrington
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  • “- May McIntyre: Do the people in India get to watch it?
    - Mayor Bob McIntyre: Yeah, but all on the one telly.”

    Genevieve Mooy - May McIntyre
    Roy Billing - Mayor Robert 'Bob' McIntyre
  • - Mayor Bob McIntyre: You've just got to tell them.
    - Cliff Buxton: That we lost Apollo 11?
    - Mayor Bob McIntyre: Well, I wouldn't say that first.
    - Cliff Buxton: What would you say first?
    - Mayor Bob McIntyre: How about "hey, you'll never guess what happened... ".

    Roy Billing - Mayor Robert 'Bob' McIntyre
    Sam Neill - Cliff Buxton
  • - Reporter: No offence, but NASA spends fifteen years, hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can watch man walk on the moon and in the end it falls to you, blokes! I mean, how do you feel about that?
    - Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: A lot better before you opened your trap!

    Kevin Harrington - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
  • “Computer. In 20 seconds it does what it used to take me 5 hours on a slide rule.”
    Tom Long - Glenn Latham
  • - Al Burnett: Do we have a problem?
    - Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Yeah! You treat us like a pack of galahs!
    - Glenn Latham: That's a type of parrot.

    Patrick Warburton - Al Burnett
    Kevin Harrington - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
    Tom Long - Glenn Latham
  • “- Rudi Kellerman: What's with the alarm?
    - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Lets us know it's windy.
    - Rudi Kellerman: Oh, well I could'a told you that, it's blowin' a bloody gale out there!”

    Tayler Kane - Rudi Kellerman
    Kevin Harrington - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
    [Tag:technology, wind]
  • - Al Burnett: The Ambassador's coming. Space nut. Knows everything about Apollo 11.
    - Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Does he know where it is?

    Patrick Warburton - Al Burnett
    Kevin Harrington - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
  • “- Al Burnett: Not everyone at NASA is a hotshot college genius. The guy I most admire is from a one-horse town in Ohio.
    - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: And what does he do?
    - Al Burnett: Tomorrow he's gonna walk on the moon.”

    Patrick Warburton - Al Burnett
    Kevin Harrington - Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell
  • “- Prime Minister: You know, we've got a saying in the party. You don't fuck up...
    - Mayor Bob McIntyre: And?
    - Prime Minister: That's it.”

    Bille Brown - Prime Minister
    Roy Billing - Mayor Robert 'Bob' McIntyre
  • “- Glenn Latham: Everything's fine.
    - Al Burnett: Except we lost Apollo 11!
    - Glenn Latham: Oh, except for that.”

    Tom Long - Glenn Latham
    Patrick Warburton - Al Burnett
  • “- Al Burnett: Are you telling me that NASA's prime receiving station has absolutely no idea where Apollo 11 is?
    - Glenn Latham: Yeah - it's on its way to the moon.”

    Patrick Warburton - Al Burnett
    Tom Long - Glenn Latham
    [Tag:moon, science, space]
  • “Nothing is certain, no guarantees. Life, I guess.”
    Roy Billing - Mayor Robert 'Bob' McIntyre
  • “- Cliff Buxton: I was more scared than excited.
    - Glenn Latham: I don't think that's odd. I feel like that all the time.”

    Sam Neill - Cliff Buxton
    Tom Long - Glenn Latham
  • “Failure is never quite so frightening as regret.”

    Sam Neill - Cliff Buxton
    [Tag:failure, fear, regret]