“Anna and the King” quotes

Movie Anna and the King
Title Anna and the King
Year 1999
Director Andy Tennant
Genre Drama, History, Comedy, Romance
Plot – In 1862 Anna Leonowens, a British teacher recently widowed, arrives in Siam with his teenage son. She has agreed to be the governess of the 58 children of King Mongkut, of his official wife and concubines. Anna knows few things about the king except that his people reveres him as a god. Anna wants to be superior until she realizes that the king returns her with the same feelings: when their conversations turn into misunderstandings and contrasts, neither of them want to stop arguing. During the celebration for an anniversary of Mongkut, Anna is in charge to set up table and dinner for diplomats and special guests. When the king receives more troubling news about un upcoming war, he decides to move to a safer area with his family and Anna joins them against Mongkut's approval. Back in the palace, Anna informs the king on her decision to return to her country, but he asks her a final dance.
All actors – Jodie Foster, Yun-Fat Chow, Bai Ling, Tom Felton, Syed Alwi, Randall Duk Kim, Kay Siu Lim, Melissa Campbell, Keith Chin, Mano Maniam, Shanthini Venugopal, Deanna Yusoff, Geoffrey Palmer, Ann Firbank, Bill Stewart, Sean Ghazi, K.K. Moggie, Dharma Harun Al-Rashid, Harith Iskander, Yusof B. Mohd Kassim, Afdlin Shauki, Swee Lin Neo, Ramli Hassan, Robert Hands, Yu Beng Lim, Kenneth Tsang, Kee Thuan Chye, Patrick Teoh, Aimi Aziz, Ellie Suriaty Omar, Tina Lee Siew Ting, Ruby Wong, Zaridah Abdul Malik, Fariza Azlina, Ahmad Mazlan, Mohd Razib Saliman, Zaibo, Pak Ling, Mahmud Ali Basah, Zulhaila Siregar, Jean-Luc Russier
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