“The Hangover” quotes

Movie The Hangover
Todd Phillips directed this movie in 2009
Title The Hangover
Year 2009
Director Todd Phillips
Genre Comedy
Plot – Two days before his wedding, Doug goes on a road trip to Las Vegas with his two best friends Phil and Stu and his future brother-in-law Alan for a sensational, unforgettable stag party. However, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover, they have no memory of the previous night. Their luxury suite is completely destroyed and the groom is gone. Without having the faintest idea of what has happened the night before and no time to spare, the trio must somehow try to retrace the events and remember what happened. They also have to find Doug and bring him back to Los Angeles in time for his wedding. The more they find out, the more they realize in how much trouble they have gotten themselves into.
All actors – Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham, Sasha Barrese, Jeffrey Tambor, Ken Jeong, Rachael Harris, Mike Tyson, Mike Epps, Jernard Burks, Rob Riggle, Cleo King, Bryan Callen, Matt Walsh, Ian Anthony Dale, Michael Li, Sondra Currie, Gillian Vigman, Nathalie Fay, Chuck Pacheco, Jesse Erwin, Dan Finnerty, Keith Lyle, Brody Stevens, Todd Phillips, Mike Vallely, James Martin Kelly, Murray Gershenz, Andrew Astor, Casey Margolis, Ken Flaherty, Joe Alexander, Constance Broge, Sue Pierce, Floyd Levine, Robert A. Ringler, Britt Barrett, Chauntae Davies, Alisa Allapach, Nicholas Furu, Angelica Flameno, Lily Winn, Katerina Moutsatsou, Faleolo Alailima, , Rio Ahn, John Jason Bailey, Bart Blackburn, Jordan Bobbitt, Guile Branco, Joey Brander, Michael Bravo, Shannon Brokaw, Lisa Catara, Kaitlin Clark, Natalie Cohen, Matthew Corbett Davis, Roger Chico De Coster, Cody Deal, Lanette Fugit, Charlene Geisler, David Hill, Marcus Hinton, Mitch Holleman, Grant Holmquist, Brian Irvin, Ty Izquierdo, Brittani Jenee', Lucinda Jenney, Carrie Keagan, Niko Koshet, Ivy Lee, Kimya Mallory, Dov Markowich, Stephanie Mathis, Rusty Meyers, Anthony Mingilino, April Montgomery, Roy C. Peterson, Alex Pulido, Richard Alan Reid, Joan Riegert, Rachael Riegert, Michael A. Rizza, Heather Roop, Lina Roudeva, Joe Satriani, Fran Severini, Jessica Simons, Steve Somers, Tom Spano, Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson, Tomiko, Jaira Valenti, Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan, Yvonne Vera, Emma Wetzel, Victor Yerrid
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