“The Last Shot” quotes

Plot – Joe Divine is an incorruptible FBI agent who pretends to be a producer to capture the leader of the mafia John Gotti. He builds a real production company which soon is successful. Steven Schatz, the director, doesn't know it's all a farce and has no intention to make his dream fade. Moreover Joe and the other FBI agents start to like Hollywood lifestyle.
All actors – Matthew Broderick, Alec Baldwin, Toni Collette, Tony Shalhoub, Calista Flockhart, Tim Blake Nelson, Buck Henry, Ray Liotta, Ian Gomez, Troy Winbush, Thomas McCarthy, W. Earl Brown, Evan Jones, Glenn Morshower, James Rebhorn, Amy Smallman, Michael Papajohn, Jon Polito, Valeria Hernandez, Richard Penn, Stanley Anderson, Solaria Trent, Bob Colonna, Abel Soto, Stephanie Venditto, Ross Canter, Blue Deckert, Robert Lee, Kelly McNair, Sean Whalen, Gina Doctor, Chris Kelley, Yorgo Constantine, Alan Selka, Shoshannah Stern, Sybyl Walker, John Prosky, Robert Axelrod, Tava Smiley, Michael Glover, Robyn Rosenkrantz, Peter Sherayko, Buck Damon, Jim Murphy, James McCombie, Barbara Orson, Jamie Freeman, Dustin Fuller, Sik End, Teddy M. Haggarty, Markus Baldwin, Jesse Burch, Casey McCarthy, Kimberly Demarse, Scott Chase, Gary Levy, Dan Lewk, Miguel A. Vazquez, Dimas Arellano, Felipe De La Rosa, Theadell Brown, Willam Belli, Sally Insul, Jasmine Arnold, Adam McCarthy, Russell Means, Pat Morita, Joan Cusack, Robert Evans, Judy Greer, Jim Hazelton, Mylo Ironbear, Frank Merino, Daniel Morton, Eric Roberts, Billy Silvia
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  • “- Joe Devine: What are you gonna do to me?
    - Ed Rossi, Jr.: Movie starts in three minutes. If you don't tell us where the money is, we're gonna cut your fingers off during the opening credits.
    - Wally Kamin: Titles. Credits come at the end of the movies. Titles come first.
    - Ed Rossi, Jr.: Fine. Titles. We're gonna cut 'em off during the fuckin'...” (continue)
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    Alec Baldwin - Joe Devine
    Michael Papajohn - Ed Rossi, Jr.
    Jon Polito - Wally Kamin
    [Tag:money, threat, torture]
  • “- Tommy Sanz: It's my face, Willie. The guys back home can't stand to look at me. I thought after the second surgery things would change.
    - Willie Gratzo: Did you talk to that plastic surgeon?
    - Tommy Sanz: He said he wanted to take skin from my ass cheeks and put it on my face. I beat that cocksucker with his own chair.”

    Tony Shalhoub - Tommy Sanz
    W. Earl Brown - Willie Gratzo
  • “I am over 35-years-old. I am physically unable to bear children. And I pay alimony to my ex-husband, who is a faggot. Yet I am willing to bet that all of you would fuck me over that desk right now if you knew you'd be having lunch with Harrison Ford as soon as you blew your wad.”
    Joan Cusack - Fanny Nash
  • “- Valerie Weston: I'm gonna go home, Steven. That's right. I'm serious. Because of you, I'm gonna get gangbanged, Steven. Gangbanged in Woodland Hills.
    - Steven Schats: A lot of great actresses started out in porn.”

    Calista Flockhart - Valerie Weston
    Matthew Broderick - Steven Schats
  • “I had a late-term abortion, went into deep depression, got really into coke, moved to Florida for a year and made a bunch of B-movies for my Eurotrash boyfriend, who wrote and directed and made sure I got my tits out in every other scene.”
    Toni Collette - Emily French
  • “- Joe Devine: Have you actually seen a person die, watched them bleed to death, seen them take their last breath? I've seen that... many times.
    - Steven Schats: Why have you seen that?
    - Joe Devine: I used to produce music videos.”

    Alec Baldwin - Joe Devine
    Matthew Broderick - Steven Schats
    [Tag:death, music, witness]
  • “While we love the emotional journey that Charlotte takes in this script, we feel there are things that could make this story more accessible to a general audience. Number one: a high-speed motorcycle chase.”

    James Rebhorn - Abe White
  • “- Joe Devine: Can you help me find a script?
    - Fanny Nash: This is Hollywood. Just go outside and ask anyone you see to give you a script. A gardener, a cripple, a child molester. They've all got 'em.”

    Alec Baldwin - Joe Devine
    Joan Cusack - Fanny Nash