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  • “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    Tommy Lee Jones - Chip Hazard
    [Tag:mind, waste]
  • “- Olga: This isn't torture anymore, Jakoda. You can't leave him in a cell with a rotting corpse. It's inhuman.
    - Jakoda: Ransom is strong. He can take physical pain. It's the mental stress we are after.”

    Louise Kamsteeg - Olga
    Alex Vitale - Jakoda
    [Tag:mind, stress, torture]
  • “- Irena Dubrovna Reed: You're very wise, you know a great deal, yet when you speak of the soul, you mean the mind, and it is not my mind that is troubled.
    - Dr. Louis Judd: All the psychologists have tried for years to find that subtle difference between mind and soul - and you've found it.”

    Simone Simon - Irena Dubrovna Reed
    Tom Conway - Dr. Louis Judd
    [Tag:mind, psychology, soul]
  • “True sex comes from between your ears, not from between your legs.”
    Ray Sharkey - Vincent Vacarri
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