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Immagine di Steve McQueen
Identikit and personal data
Terence Stephen
Last name
Steve McQueen
March 24, 1930
November 7, 1980
North American
actor, racing driver
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Steve McQueen movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Steve McQueen quotes
  • Stardom equals financial success and financial success equals security.”
    Steve McQueen
    [Tag:fame, money, safety]
  • “I live for myself and I answer to nobody.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “I learned that life is a long and difficult road, but you have to keep going, or you'll fall by the wayside.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “I can't work in an environment where it's a stiff hierarchy; that's not my kind of way.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “I'm not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “I just see myself as a guy who's trying to make a film or, make art.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “I'm not that interesting of a person.”
    Steve McQueen
  • “- Vin: What're you gonna do when Calvera comes?
    - Old Man: At my age, a little excitement is welcome. Don't worry. Why would he kill me? Bullets cost money.”

    Steve McQueen - Vin Tanner
    Vladimir Sokoloff - Old Man
    [Tag:death, risk]
  • “- U.S. Marshal Joe Belle: Do you know who I am?
    - Tom Horn: No.
    - U.S. Marshal Joe Belle: What you were in the Southwest, I was in the Northwest.
    - Tom Horn: I was mostly out of work.”

    Billy Green Bush - U.S. Marshal Joe Belle
    Steve McQueen - Tom Horn
  • “Sam, I never did see such a pasty-faced bunch of marshals.”

    Steve McQueen - Tom Horn
  • “- Strachwitz: What are you doing over here by the wire?
    - Hilts 'The Cooler King': Well, like I told Max here, I was trying to get my...
    - Von Luger 'The Kommandant': What were you doing by the wire?
    - Hilts 'The Cooler King': Well, like I told Max... I was trying to cut my way through your wire because I want to get out.”

    Harry Riebauer - Strachwitz
    Steve McQueen - Hilts 'The Cooler King'
    Hannes Messemer - Von Luger 'The Kommandant'
  • “- Tom Horn: Listen, why are you hanging around with me?
    - Glendolene Kimmel: Because you are a link to the Old West.
    - Tom Horn: If you really knew how dirty and raggedy-assed the Old West was, you wouldn't want any part of it.”

    Steve McQueen - Tom Horn
    Linda Evans - Glendolene Kimmel
    [Tag:curiosity, past]
  • “- Tom Horn: Did you get the letter that is telling you to not come around here?
    - Lee Mendenhour: I got your fucking letter, champion! I rolled it up in the back with tobacco and smoked it!”

    Steve McQueen - Tom Horn
    Roy Jenson - Lee Mendenhour
  • “- Hilts 'The Cooler King': Wait a minute. You aren't seriously suggesting that if I get through the wire... and case everything out there... and don't get picked up... to turn myself in and get thrown back in the cooler for a couple of months so you can get the information you need?
    - Bartlett 'Big X': Yes.”

    Steve McQueen - Hilts 'The Cooler King'
    Richard Attenborough - Bartlett 'Big X'
  • “- Von Luger 'The Kommandant': Are all American officers so ill-mannered?
    - Hilts 'The Cooler King': Yeah, about 99 percent.
    - Von Luger 'The Kommandant': Then perhaps while you are with us you will have a chance to learn some. Ten days isolation, Hilts.
    - Hilts 'The Cooler King': Captain Hilts.
    - Von Luger 'The Kommandant': Twenty days.
    - Hilts...” (continue)
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    Hannes Messemer - Von Luger 'The Kommandant'
    Steve McQueen - Hilts 'The Cooler King'