“Along Came Polly” quotes

Movie Along Came Polly
Title Along Came Polly
Year 2004
Director John Hamburg
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Reuben Feffer lives only by a rule: never bite off more than one can chew. Expert in a prestigious insurance company, Reuben is great in minimizing risks. Polly Prince lives her life by chance, rejoicing of pleasant and unexpected events that life reserve her. To her there's always another opportunity behind the corner: a new job, another apartment in another city, etc. When Reuben and Polly meet by chance at a party, the guy - who has just been dumped - decides that for once luck would be by his side.
All actors – Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Debra Messing, Alec Baldwin, Hank Azaria, Bryan Brown, Jsu Garcia, Michele Lee, Bob Dishy, Missi Pyle, Judah Friedlander, Kevin Hart, Masi Oka, Kym Whitley, Amy Hohn, Nathan Dean, Cheryl Hines, Caroline Aaron, Christina Kirk, Todd Stashwick, Robb Skyler, Edward Conna, Bruce Nozick, Mark Adair-Rios, Michael Shamberg, Nick Jameson, Richard Willgrubs, Richard Assad, Ronald Hunter, David Baron, James DuMont, Nicholas Benevento, Jeffrey Ross, Mitch Silpa, Robert M. Koch, Money Mark, Theodore Shapiro, Claudia Tenorio Gonzales, Carmit Bachar, Marco De La Cruz, Alison Faulk, Tomasina Parrott, Gustavo Vargas, Allen Walls, Rudy Zalez, Paul Blazek, Richard Barron, George Balmaseda, Leslie Drayton, Jose Espinosa, Walter Miranda, Alfredo Ortiz, Phillip Ranelin, Michael Wong, Adrienne Ash, Christine Barger, Toni Blair, Eugenia Care, Mari Endo, Mike Fujimoto, Gustavo Hernandez, Monique 'Nikki' Jongs, Anjulie Marriott, Jeffrey Sherrard, Ryan Cross, Anthony King, Vernon Neilly, Stuart Silverstein, Cali T. Rossen, Jordan Kirkwood, Katy Maloney, Liane Mark, Kirsten Maryott, Ator Tamras, David Wain, Brian W. Wallace
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