“Lions for Lambs” quotes

Movie Lions for Lambs
Robert Redford directed this movie in 2007
Title Lions for Lambs
Year 2007
Director Robert Redford
Genre Drama, Thriller, War
Plot – Inspired by the words of Dr. Stephen Malley, their idealistic professor of Political Science at West Coast University, Arian and Ernest decide to do something important and meaningful in their lives: they join the army to fight in Afghanistan. While the two boys have to survive on the battlefield, Dr. Malley is struggling with a sense of responsibility for what happened to them and at the same time is worrying about another of his students, Todd, who with his detachment and his apathy seems to be the opposite of his fellow students who have left for war. Meanwhile in Washington, a senator who aspires to the White House is about to make exclusive revelations to a journalist, revelations that could change the fate of Arian and Ernest and of all American soldiers in Afghanistan.
All actors – Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Michael Peña, Andrew Garfield, Peter Berg, Kevin Dunn, Derek Luke, Larry Bates, Christopher May, David Pease, Heidi Janson, Christopher Carley, George Back, Kristy Wu, Bo Brown, Josh Zuckerman, Samantha Carro, Christopher Jordan, Angela Stefanelli, John Brently Reynolds, Paula Rhodes, Muna Otaru, Clay Wilcox, Sarayu Rao, Amanda Loncar, Richard Burns, Kevin Collins, Candace Moon, Chris Hoffman, Louise Linton, Jennifer Sommerfeld, Wynonna Smith, Babar Peerzada, Wade Harlan, Paul Adams, Michael T. Peoples, Elise Jackson, Michael Ahl, Lawrence Broughton, Mika Brzezinski, Richard Kreps, Rick Margaritov, Talia Montgomery, Ajani Perkins, Robert-Allen Reynolds, Sonny Villarreal
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