“Major League: Back to the Minors” quotes

Movie Major League: Back to the Minors
Title Major League: Back to the Minors
Year 1998
Director John Warren
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – Roger is the 'Minnesota Twins' team president and asks his friend Gus, a baseball player at the end of his career, to coach a shabby team of South Carolina, the 'Buzz'. Gus agrees and transforms a group of clumsy players into an amazing team.
All actors – Scott Bakula, Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert, Takaaki Ishibashi, Jensen Daggett, Eric Bruskotter, Walton Goggins, Ted McGinley, Kenny Johnson, Judson Mills, Lobo Sebastian, Thom Barry
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  • “I'm not asking for too much. Just help the guy sitting next to you. Maybe you know something he doesn't. Maybe you can pass that information along. We're traveling tonight. We got the Crawdads tomorrow. By the time we hit the field, I expect everyone's minds to be on teamwork and the business of baseball.”
    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
    [Tag:helping, teamwork]
  • “Wingate is what you'd call a finesse pitcher. Relies on control, accuracy, not speed. They time this kid's fastball with an hourglass!”

    Bob Uecker - Harry Doyle
  • - Gus Cantrell: It's like a secret guy language. When someone pokes you with their finger more than once, they are saying, "Come on and hit me."
    - Maggie Reynolds: A secret guy language. Now, I know about the handshake, and the decoder ring, but this is new to me.

    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
    Jensen Daggett - Maggie Reynolds
  • “I hate to have to do this, but there's a speech clause in my contract. I know you guys have been reading the papers. That this is just a thing for publicity, part of my ongoing feud with Leonard Huff. But it would selfish of me to put you guys in such a jam just for publicity. No my motivation is deeper than that. It's ego.”

    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
  • “This game is not about one player. Believe me, I miss Downtown just as much as the rest of you. But baseball is about a team, an entire team, playing together. Yeah, look at me like I'm some damn corndog old man who doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about!”
    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
  • “God... if You can hear me, please... send me one real baseball player. That's all I ask. And if you can't grant me that then... well... you might as well just strike me dead right here and now.”
    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
  • “- Gus Cantrell: You scared me to death!
    - Pedro Cerrano: Do you mean when you realized God is black?
    - Gus Cantrell: Yeah... I thought She was white.”

    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
    Dennis Haysbert - Pedro Cerrano
    [Tag:death, fear, god]
  • “I know your coaches would go out there to have fun or to fulfill your dream. I am asking that you win this one for me. Yeah! Win this one for Gus Cantrell! So let's stay loose, have fun, and let's go out there and take a bite out of the big team's ass!”

    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
  • “- Frank 'Pops' Morgan: Just remember one thing, Carlos is a bit like a mad dog.
    - Hog Ellis: Mad dog?
    - Pedro Cerrano: If he smells fear, he goes into attack mode.
    - Frank 'Pops' Morgan: So, whatever you do...
    - Pedro Cerrano: Don't let him know that you are scared.”

    Thom Barry - Frank 'Pops' Morgan
    Judson Mills - Hog Ellis
    Dennis Haysbert - Pedro Cerrano
  • - Leonard Huff: Gentlemen, this is not a "should win" or "want to win" situation.
    - Gus Cantrell: This is every 8 year old's dream: play a big league team in a big league park.
    - Leonard Huff: This is a "must win" situation!

    Ted McGinley - Leonard Huff
    Scott Bakula - Gus Cantrell
  • “- Carlton 'Doc' Windgate: Do you have nicoise?
    - Diner Cook: I told you. We have ranch, Italian, and chunky bleu cheese, which is 50 cents extra.
    - Carlton 'Doc' Windgate: Do you have any balsamic vinegar?
    - Diner Cook: I got ranch, Italian, chunky bleu cheese.
    - Carlton 'Doc' Windgate: How about a gun so I can shoot myself in the head?”

    Peter Mackenzie - Carlton 'Doc' Windgate
    Al Hamacher - Diner Cook
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • “Gentleman, you know the ground rules. So shake hands and let's have a good, clean ballgame.”
    Michael A. Lynch - Chief Umpire
  • Here's Cerrano, returning to baseball after taking some time off to search for... whatever the hell it was he lost. Maybe his mind!”

    Bob Uecker - Harry Doyle
    [Tag:losing, seeking]