“Happy Gilmore” quotes

Movie Happy Gilmore
Dennis Dugan directed this movie in 1996
Title Happy Gilmore
Year 1996
Director Dennis Dugan
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – The young Happy Gilmore has a great passion for ice hockey and is determined to become a champion. But the school team rejects him and while venting his anger, Happy throws some objects far away, which accidentally leads him to play another sport, golf. Chubbs, his one hand coach, encourages him and teaches him how to move on a golf course. Happy is rough in his manners and he is constantly bullied. He starts to participate in races where his violent outbursts provokes Shooter Mc Gavin’s anger, the highest paid player of the circuit, who wants the boy’s exclusion. But the patron noticed the audience figures raised so he gives Virginia the task of improving the rebel’s image. Happy learns that his grandmother needs money to save her house so he starts to work hard. He gets to the final match against Shooter. After a hard-fought race, Happy wins, gets the money and turns back home with his grandmother and Virginia, who fell in love with him.
All actors – Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Allen Covert, Robert Smigel, Bob Barker, Richard Kiel, Dennis Dugan, Joe Flaherty, Lee Trevino, Kevin Nealon
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