“National Lampoon's Senior Trip” quotes

Movie National Lampoon's Senior Trip
Title National Lampoon's Senior Trip
Year 1995
Director Kelly Makin
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – The stories and misadventures of a group of unruly high school students that goes on a trip to Washington at the invitation of the White House. Everything is resolved in a chain of accidents.
All actors – Matt Frewer, Valerie Mahaffey, Lawrence Dane, Tommy Chong, Jeremy Renner, Rob Moore, Eric Edwards, Kevin McDonald, Michael Blake, Tara Strong, Nicole de Boer, Sergio Di Zio
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  • “- Miss Tracy Milford: Students, J. Edgar Hoover was the founder and director of the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972. He was a great American.
    - Herbert Jones: He was a fascist transvestite and I hope he rots in Hell!”

    Valerie Mahaffey - Miss Tracy Milford
    Michael Blake - Herbert Jones
    [Tag:admiration, scorn]
  • “- Reggie Barry: Pop quiz, hotshot: You have 10 underage students cravingalcoholicbeverages in a store containing your high school principal. What do you do? What-do-you-do?
    - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino: Take out the principal.”

    Rob Moore - Reggie Barry
    Jeremy Renner - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
  • “- Senator John Lerman: We're due at the capitol and you're porking the mathteacher?
    - Miss Tracy Milford: Keyboarding teacher.
    - Senator John Lerman: Whatever.”

    Lawrence Dane - Senator John Lerman
    Valerie Mahaffey - Miss Tracy Milford
  • “I've been thinking about our impending relationship. Which I think is a good idea. As long as you don't talk too much, you let me call the shots, and my parents never, never, never find out about you, I think it could work out between us.”

    Fiona Loewi - Lisa Perkins
  • “- Barry 'Virus' Kremmer: What about Meg?
    - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino: Meg's gay.
    - Barry 'Virus' Kremmer: Well, if anyone can change her, it's you.”

    Danny Smith - Barry 'Virus' Kremmer
    Jeremy Renner - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
  • “- Lisa Perkins: Nobody likes me. Everyone thinks I'm a frigid headcase.
    - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino: Well, Virus and Reggie do... but I don't. Look, why don't you prove them wrong by coming to the back and partying with us?
    - Lisa Perkins: Okay. I can be fun.”

    Fiona Loewi - Lisa Perkins
    Jeremy Renner - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
  • “- Ish: Hey! I want no trouble from you people! You hear me? Behave!
    - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino: I hate when I get blamed for something before I do anything wrong.”

    Marvin Ishmael - Ish
    Jeremy Renner - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
    [Tag:behavior, blame]
  • “- Herbert Jones: What we need is a miracle.
    - Meg Smith: Yeah. Like that time when the school got torched right before finals.”

    Michael Blake - Herbert Jones
    Nicole de Boer - Meg Smith
    [Tag:miracle, school]
  • “- Miosky: You know what I wanna do? I wanna do a Jap.
    - Barry 'Virus' Kremmer: Hey! How about Carla Morgan? I hear she's half Jewish!
    - Miosky: Not that kind of Jap. A real Jap from China. With silky soft skin, almond eyes and straight blonde hair.”

    Eric Edwards - Miosky
    Danny Smith - Barry 'Virus' Kremmer
  • “Wouldn't it be cool to screw in the principal's bedroom?”
    Tara Strong - Carla Morgan
    [Tag:imagination, sex]
  • “People think that we're nothing but a generation of losers. Sitting on our butts, playing video games and watching MTV. That's not true!”
    Sergio Di Zio - Steve Nisser
    [Tag:perception, youth]
  • “- Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino: I am concerned about you, Lisa. One day, you're gonna wake up and realize that you wasted all of your high school years studying.
    - Lisa Perkins: And you're gonna wake up one day and realize that you're a loser!”

    Jeremy Renner - Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino
    Fiona Loewi - Lisa Perkins