“The Client” quotes

Movie The Client
Joel Schumacher directed this movie in 1994
Title The Client
Year 1994
Director Joel Schumacher
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery
Plot – Mark Sway and his little brother Ricky try to thwart Romey Clifford's suicide while smoking in the woods. He's a lawyer related to the Mob and before killing himself, he reveals the two boys where the corpse of Senator Boyette is located and the name of the killer, Barry Muldano. Ricky is shocked and his mother Dianne loses her job to assist him. The police officers don't believe Mark's testimony, so the frightened boy finds a lawyer by his own. Reggie Love accepts to defend him for one dollar fee, preventing prosecutor Roy Foltrigg to extort Mark the truth by force. The mafia hires a killer to eliminate the kids, threatened by Muldano too. Mark loses confidence in Reggie as he discover she was previously an alcohol addicted and was interned and deprived of her child after divorce.
All actors – Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony LaPaglia, J.T. Walsh, Anthony Edwards, Brad Renfro, Will Patton, Bradley Whitford, Anthony Heald, Kim Coates, Kimberly Scott
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  • “- Lawyer's Secretary: Are you even injured?
    - Mark: Do I look injured?
    - Lawyer's Secretary: Well, we only do injuries.
    - Mark: Well, I'll just go get hit by a truck and come back.”

    Brad Renfro - Mark Sway
  • “- Roy: Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, so sayeth the Psalms!
    - Judge Harry Roosevelt: That's Proverbs 12:22.”

    Tommy Lee Jones - Roy Foltrigg
    Ossie Davis - Harry Roosevelt
    [Tag:liars, sin]
  • “- Mark: Do you like Led Zeppelin?
    - Reggie: Oh, sure. They were a great band.
    - Mark: I bet you've never even heard of Led Zeppelin. I bet you're just one of them grown ups who just pretends to like really cool bands just to get close to little punks like me.”

    Brad Renfro - Mark Sway
    Susan Sarandon - Reggie Love
    [Tag:lies, musicians]
  • “1. He's scared. 2. He's a kid. They always lie. Adults are the enemy, remember?”

    Tommy Lee Jones - Roy Foltrigg
    [Tag:children, enemy, lies]
  • “- Reggie: I have been sober for three years.
    - Mark: Yeah right, that's what all the drunks say, how they're gonna get sober and all. They even say they love you but they don't. And then they come home wasted and beat on you and your mother so bad that you gotta hit 'em in the face with a baseball bat!”

    Susan Sarandon - Reggie Love
    Brad Renfro - Mark Sway
  • “- Reggie: You can stay here and take care of Momma Love. She likes you better than me, anyway.
    - Clint Von Hooser: Well, that ain't hard to do.”

    Susan Sarandon - Reggie Love
    Anthony Edwards - Clint Von Hooser
  • “- Mark: Thanks Rev. Roy, you've been a real pain in the ass.
    - Roy: Thank you, son. I can assure you, you have been an even larger pain in the ass.”

    Brad Renfro - Mark Sway
    Tommy Lee Jones - Roy Foltrigg
  • “When me and my mom went into court to buy our divorce our lawyer sucked as usual, so I went up there and told the judge myself about all the beatings, about how he made us sleep in the street. And that's when my father became my ex-father, and now I got you, and you're a drunk and a badlawyer too! So now I'm gettin' rid of you, you're fired, okay?”

    Brad Renfro - Mark Sway