“The Good Girl” quotes

Movie The Good Girl
Title The Good Girl
Year 2002
Director Miguel Arteta
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – Justine is no longer a girl but a woman who wants to start a family with her husband Phil, who loves her deeply. Despite all the attempts the two aren't able to conceive a child and Justine wonders if this is due to the marijuana that Phil smokes with his best friend Bubba. One day, at work, Justine thinks to have found in Holden her soul mate: he's a passionate guy who reawakens her sexual desire and emotions. Furthermore, he could represent an opportunity to escape from her life that makes her anything but happy. Their relationship quickly turns into an obsession and Justine finds herself trapped in a chaotic tangle of blackmails, crime and passion.
All actors – Jennifer Aniston, Deborah Rush, Mike White, John Carroll Lynch, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zooey Deschanel, John C. Reilly, Tim Blake Nelson, Jacquie Barnbrook, Annie O'Donnell, John Doe, Roxanne Hart, Jon Shere, Alice Amter, Jean Rhodes, Aimee Garcia, Lalo Guerrero, Michael Hyatt, Ken Rudulph, Enzo, , Michael Laren, Gail Borges
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