“Tristana” quotes

Movie Tristana
Luis Buñuel directed this movie in 1970
Title Tristana
Year 1970
Director Luis Buñuel
Genre Drama
Plot – A young orphan girl, Tristana, is entrusted to an elderly tutor, Don Lope, who beside his role of putative father tries to seduce the girl and becomes her lover. For a while, Tristana accepts the situation, until one day she meets a painter, Horacio, and leaves Don Lope. The girl will return two years later, after contracting a serious illness and leaving Horacio, and will marry Don Lope. When the old man will have a heart attack she will watch him die without calling for help.
All actors – Catherine Deneuve, Fernando Rey, Franco Nero, Lola Gaos, Antonio Casas, Jesús Fernández, Vicente Soler, José Calvo, Fernando Cebrián, Antonio Ferrandis, José María Caffarel, Cándida Losada, Joaquín Pamplona, Mary Paz Pondal, Juanjo Menéndez, José Blanch, Alfredo Santacruz, Sergio Mendizábal, Luis Aller, Luis Rico, Saturno Cerra, Jesús Combarro, Leonardo Scavino, Vicente Roca, Ximénez Carillo, Adriano Domínguez, José Riesgo, Rosa Luisa Goróstegui, Antonio Cintado, Pilar Vela, Lorenzo Rodríguez, Aldo Sambrell
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  • “- Don Lope: It's true that there are no longer men of my kind. Of our kind.
    - Don Zenón: One thing that has not changed between yesterday and today. The taste for ladies.
    - Don Lope: I totally agree, but today there is so much effeminacy.”

    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    José María Caffarel - Don Zenón
  • “- Don Lope: Where is God's grace going?
    - Muchacha: To find a sweetheart.
    - Don Lope: He's right here, dear.
    - Muchacha: So old?
    - Don Lope: Not that old! Don't bury me yet!”

    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    Mary Paz Pondal - Muchacha
  • “Tristana, I'm an old dog and I know that when a young woman goes out every day, it's because she's found a bone. I don't know what kind of bone it is, but don't deny it.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
  • “- Horacio: I want you to be my wife.
    - Tristana: I'll live with you for as long as you love me. If you ever get tired of me, we'll each go our own way.”

    Franco Nero - Horacio
    Catherine Deneuve - Tristana
  • “No one is better than Don Lope, but where there's a skirt, he has horns and a tail.”
    Lola Gaos - Saturna
  • “When it comes to women and love, I've never seen any sin.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    [Tag:love, sin, women]
  • “When we meet with a woman, if she is consenting and if we can make her consent, then the encounter should be pleasant. But there are two exceptions: the wife of a friend and that strange flower, so rare, that is born from perfect innocence.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
  • “I didn't study much, but I think I could do great things. However, I'm no good at little things.”
    Catherine Deneuve - Tristana
    [Tag:ambition, culture]
  • “After all, life isn't as dark as many believe. It's snowing heavily. But we're warm in here.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
  • “- Don Lope: Look at that couple. Don't you get the sickly scent of conjugal happiness?
    - Tristana: I don't understand.
    - Don Lope: Did you see that bovine look of resignation? That boredom? Farewell, love. Never get married, Tristana.
    - Tristana: One can be free and honorable.
    - Don Lope: Exactly. Passion must be free. It's a law of nature. No...” (continue)
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    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    Catherine Deneuve - Tristana
  • “- Don Zenón: And the Ten Commandments?
    - Don Lope: I respect all of them, except those to do with sex, because I'm sure they were added to the truly divine ones by Moses for political reasons that don't affect me.”

    José María Caffarel - Don Zenón
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    [Tag:priests, rules, sex]
  • “We must protect the weak. The police represent strength. Men like me always defend the weak, whoever they are, whatever their situation. Never forget that, little one.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
  • “I know Jesus was the first socialist, etc. So what? The true priests are those of us who defend the innocent, the enemies of injustice, hypocrisy and filthy lucre.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
    [Tag:honesty, priests]
  • “Work is a curse, Saturno. Down with work that you have to do to survive. That work isn't honorable, as some say. All it does is fatten the exploiting swine. However, what you do for pleasure ennobles man. If only we could all work like that. Look at me, I'd rather be hanged than work! So, I live poorly, but I live without working.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope
  • “It's good to have dreams, even if they're frightening... The dead don't dream.”
    Fernando Rey - Don Lope