“Waiting for Guffman” quotes

Movie Waiting for Guffman
Title Waiting for Guffman
Year 1996
Director Christopher Guest
Genre Comedy
Plot – The town of Blaine in Missouri is about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its foundation. A group of citizens thinks that it would be nice to celebrate it with a solemn event, but the City Council replies that there is no money. The idea is to put on a show that tells the city's history, from its origins to nowadays. A theater director, who has worked in New York and then came back in town, volunteers to organize the show. The acting company is mixed, with people of different ages and social classes: a woman, some grown-up couples and some employees in other sectors. When they meet all together for rehearsals, they show different habits, difficulties and contrasts in relating to each other, but the group goes on, even because a manager from New York is coming for them. After many difficulties the show begins and a man gets confused with the manager because he sits in the reserved chair. At the end of the play, he is invited into the dressing room and he congratulates to everybody, but he claims to be just a common spectator. The disappointment and the discouragement make the group split and some members go to Hollywood, others to Miami, New York and Alabama.
All actors – Deborah Theaker, Michael Hitchcock, Scott Williamson, Larry Miller, Don Lake, Christopher Guest, Fred Willard, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, David Cross, Eugene Levy, James McQueen
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