• “- Nick Parker: Hal, come here. We have to talk
    - Annie as Hallie: Okay shoot.
    - Nick Parker: Okay, honey... I want to know what you think about making Meredith part of the family?
    - Annie as Hallie: Part of our family?
    - Nick Parker: Yeah.
    - Annie as Hallie: I think it's an awesome idea. Inspired. Brilliant really.
    - Nick Parker: You do? Really? You do?
    - Annie as Hallie: Totally, it's like a dream come true. I've always wanted a big sister.
    - Nick Parker: Oh... um... Honey, I think you're kind of missing the point.
    - Annie as Hallie: No, I'm not. You're gonna adopt Meredith. That is so sweet, Dad.
    - Nick Parker: No, I'm not going to adopt her. I'm going to MARRY her.
    - Annie as Hallie: [leaps from her seat] Marry her? That's insane! How can you marry a woman young enough to be my big sister?
    - Annie as Hallie: [She begins to rant, accidentally yelling in French] Mais tu plaisantes, j'espère. Meredith, ce n'est pas une fille pour toi. Mais c'est pas possible, je rêve. Qu'est-ce qui...
    - Nick Parker: Hal, Hal, Hal. Calm down, Hal! Are you speaking French?
    - Annie as Hallie: I... I learned it at camp.
    - Annie as Hallie: Ok, I'm sorry. Let's discuss this calmly. Calmly and rationally.
    - Nick Parker: Yeah and in English if you don't mind, right?
    - Annie as Hallie: Okay.
    - Nick Parker: Sweetheart what has gotten into you?
    - Annie as Hallie: Nothing, nothing, just... just... Dad, you can't get married! It'll totally ruin completely everything!
    - Nick Parker: Hal! Hal! Hallie! [he looks to Chessy, who appears at a window]
    - Parker's Maid: Don't look at me. I don't know a thing.”

    Dennis Quaid - Nick Parker
    Lindsay Lohan - Annie James
    Lisa Ann Walter - Chessy
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3/25/19 at 2:37 AM
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