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Melissa Ann
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Melissa McCarthy
August 26, 1970
North American
actor, writer, film producer
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Melissa McCarthy quotes
  • “Did he also make you dress like a slutty dolphin trainer?”

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
  • “You want something to eat? I didn't finish my submarine sandwich from the other day.”
    Melissa McCarthy - Mullins
    [Tag:eating, food]
  • “So not knowing who we're meeting tonight is gonna make me extra effective. That's okay, I get it. I got shit to do. You'll probably be fine. why don't I go get you a nice dress to be buried in? Dumb ass.”
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:clothes, job, sarcasm]
  • “- Susan Cooper: Where'd you get a suit?
    - Rick Ford: I fucking made it, didn't I?”

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    Jason Statham - Rick Ford
    [Tag:clothes, wonder]
  • “I look like someone's homophobic aunt!”
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
  • “- Oliver: I had sushi.
    - Maggie: You had sushi?
    - Oliver: Well, sardines. He calls it sushi. Didn't want to hurt his feelings.”

    Jaeden Lieberher - Oliver
    Melissa McCarthy - Maggie
    [Tag:food, name, respect]
  • “- Robin: Hey, Shannon.
    - Mullins: Hi, Robin.
    - Robin: I really enjoyed our night together, Shannon. You just disappeared on me.
    - Mullins: Yeah, I know. I was there.
    - Robin: Well, can I take you to dinner? A movie or something?
    - Mullins: God, buddy, do you not hear how pathetic everything out of your mouth sounds? I mean, there's a girl out...” (continue)
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    Andy Buckley - Robin
    Melissa McCarthy - Mullins
    [Tag:date, denial, friends]
  • “- Bradley Fine: Is he dangerous?
    - Susan Cooper: Only if you have boobs.”

    Jude Law - Bradley Fine
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:breast, danger, women]
  • “- Rick Ford: I've swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with this fuckin' arm.
    - Susan Cooper: I don't know that that's possible... I mean medically...”

    Jason Statham - Rick Ford
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:computer, job]
  • “- Tihomir Boyanov: I'm now the only one who knows just where that dangerously compact and transportable nuke is. So... I'd say I have more than ten seconds.
    - Bradley Fine: Well then in that case, I'd say you'd better st- [sneezes and accidentally shoots Tihomir in the head]
    - Bradley Fine: Oh, fuck...
    - Susan Cooper: [on earpiece] Oh my God,...” (continue)
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    Raad Rawi - Tihomir Boyanov
    Jude Law - Bradley Fine
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:accident, killing]
  • “You're a loud kisser, and it's gross and unappealing. You look like some old toothless woman suckin' the jelly out of a donut.”

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
  • “I can see your gun, unless you're so extreme that you have a second dick coming out of your hip!”
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
  • “If you're not in trouble you're not doing your job.”
    Melissa McCarthy - Mullins
    [Tag:job, trouble]
  • “- Susan Cooper: And here's to you. I mean you may never be as wise as an owl but you'll always be a hoot to me! Haha.
    - Rayna Boyanov: What a stupid fucking retarded toast. You're delightful.”

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    Rose Byrne - Rayna Boyanov
  • “- Sandy Patterson: I said no jewelry.
    - Diana: Oh, were you serious?
    - Sandy Patterson: Yeah.
    - Diana: You've got to work on your tone.”

    Jason Bateman - Sandy Patterson
    Melissa McCarthy - Diana
    [Tag:rules, voice]
  • “My fear is that I'm gonna put you in a bikini and you'll still look like a fucking bank teller.”

    Melissa McCarthy - Mullins
    [Tag:bankers, clothes, fear]
  • “- Robert Meary: I can't teach people to write poetry. It has to come from your experience... from your insides.
    - Cici Pinkus: What do you do if everything inside you is ugly?
    - Robert Meary: Your life may be ugly, kid, but a successful poem about it will not be ugly because the poem will illuminate and communicate the horror of your life to...” (continue)
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    Harry Lennix - Robert Meary
    Melissa McCarthy - Cici Pinkus
  • “- Susan Cooper: [wakes up next to Ford] Aaaaah!
    - Rick Ford: Oh, stop screaming, you loved it!
    - Susan Cooper: Ugh, God.”

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    Jason Statham - Rick Ford
  • - Susan Cooper: I still, you know, hear my mom's voice... "well-behaved women often make history."
    - Nancy B. Artingstall: Yes you do know the phrase is, "well-behaved women seldom make history."
    - Susan Cooper: Yeah that's never how she said it.

    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    Miranda Hart - Nancy B. Artingstall
  • “Oh my God, Rayna. Thank God your hair broke your fall.”
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:failure, hair, humor]
  • “- Rayna Boyanov: The moment I saw you standing there in that abortion of a dress...
    - Susan Cooper: Ah... Come on.”

    Rose Byrne - Rayna Boyanov
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:beauty, clothes]
  • “- Sandy Patterson: You're diabolical.
    - Diana: Thank you.
    - Sandy Patterson: That's not a compliment.
    - Diana: I know.”

    Jason Bateman - Sandy Patterson
    Melissa McCarthy - Diana
    [Tag:compliments, evil]
  • “I'm the person who's going to cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limp-dick unicorn. That's who the fuck I am.”
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
  • “- Frederick: Blow that thing all you want lady.
    - Susan Cooper: Yeah? Well why don't you blow me Colin!”

    Mitch Silpa - Frederick!
    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper
    [Tag:sensuality, sex]
  • “- Susan Cooper: [holds up her fists] You want me to have Cagney and fucking Lacey explain it to you? Cagney's coming down your fucking throat. Lacey, she's gonna come up your ass. I'm gonna meet them in the fucking middle and play your heart like a fucking accordion. I'm gonna pump that shit until it pops, you Swedish bitch!
    - Anton: You...” (continue)
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    Melissa McCarthy - Susan Cooper