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Spike Jonze
October 22, 1969
North American
film director, scriptwriter, actor, film producer
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Spike Jonze quotes
  • “I have a home phone number, and I like it! It's like a throwback already.”
    Spike Jonze
  • “- Jordan Belfort: [dubious] So if I, if I sell a stock at $10,000, my commission is 5,000 bucks.
    - Dwayne: If you sell $10,000 worth of this stock, I will personally give you a blowjob for free [Jordan laughs] ... and I hope it happens.”

    Leonardo DiCaprio - Jordan Belfort
    Spike Jonze - Dwayne
    [Tag:job, money, sex]
  • “I just want to be who I am, as I am.”
    Spike Jonze
  • “I like hiring people based on a feeling - this person gets it - rather than what they've done in the past.”
    Spike Jonze
  • “Music is thousands and thousands of years old and I don't think that basic, primitive connection to the language of music ever changes.”
    Spike Jonze
  • “Big emotions that are unexplained are really scary. At least to me.”
    Spike Jonze
  • “- Archie Gates: No unnecessary shots, Conrad, 'cause we know what they do.
    - Conrad Vig: Make infected pockets full of bile, sir.
    - Archie Gates: That's right, Conrad, that's what they do.”

    George Clooney - Archie Gates
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
    [Tag:fighting, wound]
  • “- Archie Gates: What was that?
    - Conrad Vig: I rigged the football with C-4, sir.
    - Archie Gates: Why would you do that?”

    George Clooney - Archie Gates
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
  • “- Archie Gates: My guess is he's divided these bricks into several different stashes. Just one of these stashes will be easy to take from Saddam's deserting army, and that will be enough to get us out of our day jobs. Unless, of course, you reservists are in love with your day jobs.
    - Conrad Vig: I don't really have a day job, sir.”

    George Clooney - Archie Gates
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
    [Tag:army, job]
  • “- Archie Gates: What's the most important thing in life?
    - Troy Barlow: Respect.
    - Archie Gates: Too dependent on other people.
    - Conrad Vig: What, love?
    - Archie Gates: A little Disneyland, isn't it?”

    George Clooney - Archie Gates
    Mark Wahlberg - Troy Barlow
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
    [Tag:life, love, respect]
  • “Didn't think I'd get to see anybody get shot in this war.”
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
    [Tag:war, wonder]
  • “- Troy Barlow: Conrad, you've washed your hands like ten times.
    - Conrad Vig: Lord knows what kind of vermin live in the butt of a dune coon.
    - Chief Elgin: Why do you let this cracker hang around with you, man?
    - Troy Barlow: He's all right, man. He's from a group home in Dallas. He's got no high school.
    - Conrad Vig: Don't tell people that.”

    Mark Wahlberg - Troy Barlow
    Spike Jonze - Conrad Vig
    Ice Cube - Chief Elgin