“Meet the Robinsons” quotes

Cartoon Meet the Robinsons
Title Meet the Robinsons
Year 2007
Director Stephen J. Anderson
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – Twelve-year-old Lewis is a budding scientist and lives in an orphanage. He's eager to know who's his real mother, so he creates a time travel machine, but his invention attracts the interest of an evil man who comes from the future. Wilbur Robinson rushes to help him: he comes from the future too and introduces Lewis to his bizarre family.
All actors – Angela Bassett, Daniel Hansen, Jordan Fry, Matthew Josten, John H. H. Ford, Dara McGarry, Tom Kenny, Laurie Metcalf, Don Hall, Paul Butcher, Tracey Miller-Zarneke, Wesley Singerman, Jessie Flower, Stephen J. Anderson, Ethan Sandler, Harland Williams, Nathan Greno, Kelly Hoover, Adam West, Nicole Sullivan, Aurian Redson, Joseph Mateo, Tom Selleck, Joe Whyte, Cameron Covell, Cooper Cowgill, David Cowgill, Makenna Cowgill, Terri Douglas, Jackie Gonneau, Mick Hazen, Shannon O'Connor, Jordan Del Spina, Lynwood Robinson, Grace Rolek, Greyson Spann, Krista Swan, Fred Tatasciore
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