“A Very Brady Sequel” quotes

Movie A Very Brady Sequel
Title A Very Brady Sequel
Year 1996
Director Arlene Sanford
Genre Comedy
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Plot – Carol is the mother of Marcia, Jane and Cindy and marries Mike, who has three wild boys as well: Greg, Peter and Bobby. The Brady family is perfect and always happy, even if the usual problems never miss. Greg would like to become a rock singer despite he doesn't possess the necessary talent, Marcia is courted by several guys and can't decide among them, Jane is in crisis because she doesn't feel loved by her family, Peter faces adolescence's problems, while Bobby is mocked by a classmate.
All actors – Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Christine Taylor, Paul Sutera, Jennifer Elise Cox, Jesse Lee Soffer, Olivia Hack, Henriette Mantel, Tim Matheson, Whip Hubley, Whitney Rydbeck
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