“Back to the Beach” quotes

Movie Back to the Beach
Title Back to the Beach
Year 1987
Director Lyndall Hobbs
Genre Comedy, Musical
Plot – A forty-year-old couple has existential problems and a vacation might evoke the joys they used to live in their twenties.
All actors – Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Lori Loughlin, Tommy Hinkley, Demian Slade, Connie Stevens, Joe Holland, John Calvin, David Bowe, Laura Urstein, Linda Carol, Marjorie Gross
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  • - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: What does "we" mean?
    - Bobby:I think it's the plural form, meaning "more than one". Would you like me to conjugate that for you, Pop? Do you know what "conjugate" means, Dad?

    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
    Demian Slade - Bobby
    [Tag:language, meaning]
  • “- Annette: Did you boys have a nice time?
    - Bobby: We met these really weird looking guys with really bad attitudes and they were incredibly rude and dangerous and they wanted to kill us! It was so cool!
    - Annette: Well, as long as you had fun.”

    Annette Funicello - Annette
    Demian Slade - Bobby
  • “- Annette: I've always sort of wanted to be the bad girl...
    - Connie: Impossible. But I'll tell you something. You sure have wasted an incredible pair of hooters.”

    Annette Funicello - Annette
    Connie Stevens - Connie
  • - Troy: They serve a drinkhere called "The Stunned Mallet" and serve it in a coconut shell. You know, I once saw a woman drink one of these, get completely naked, and do 'the Pony'... right on this table.
    - Annette: And your point is?
    - Troy: My point is I want to buy you... two of them.

    John Calvin - Troy
    Annette Funicello - Annette
  • “- Willy Gilligan: You know, I lived with a guy for years. A real genius. He could take a couple of these pineapples or a couple of coconuts with some strings and wire and make a nuclear reactor. But he couldn't fix a two-foot hole in a boat. Wanna hear the rest?
    - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: No!
    - Willy Gilligan: Maybe the Midwest is for me.”

    Bob Denver - Willy Gilligan
    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
  • “You can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys.”
    John Calvin - Troy
    [Tag:children, men, toys]
  • “- Annette: He'll be back. I know that in my heart.
    - Bobby: You know, you're awful sweet, Mom.
    - Annette: And then I'll make him suffer.”

    Annette Funicello - Annette
    Demian Slade - Bobby
  • “- Frankie, the Big Kahuna: You look familiar. Have we met?
    - Willy Gilligan: I don't think so. I've been away for a long time.
    - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: Where? Prison?
    - Willy Gilligan: No, worse then that. A tropical island in the Pacific. There were chicks there, but you couldn't touch them. Wanna hear about it?
    - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: No!”

    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
    Bob Denver - Willy Gilligan
    [Tag:place, prison, women]
  • - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: What does that mean, "We're not in"?
    - Annette: Wild guess? I think it means they're not in.
    - Bobby: Boy, it's quite a piece of dialogue when you intellectual masterminds get together! I should be writing this down!

    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
    Annette Funicello - Annette
    Demian Slade - Bobby
  • “- Dick Dale: You're asking me if I, Dick Dale, can play Venus?
    - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: Yes.
    - Dick Dale: No.”

    Dick Dale - Dick Dale
    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
    [Tag:ability, playing]
  • - Michael: We tried to figure where to take you last night, but you kept saying, "Why, oh, why, oh, why did I ever leave Ohio?".
    - Frankie, the Big Kahuna: That's a damn good question.

    Tommy Hinkley - Michael
    Frankie Avalon - Frankie, the Big Kahuna
    [Tag:leaving, remorse]